Saturday, August 21, 2010

knowing me, knowing you - august 2010

Wow I am way late with KMKY this month as my good friend The Widney Woman reminded me this afternoon. I've been on holidays all this week, so I shouldn't have any excuse except I have no idea where this week even went. We didn't "do" anything, but Mike and I were rarely in the same place at the same time. Mike could either be found at the fairgrounds or at the farm most of this week. We did manage to have lunch together for our anniversary. We both went to the movies, but separately - me with ML (we missed Robin!!) and him with the Abster. We were both at the parade.... but not together.... the kids and I waved at him from the curb as he steered the float down the parade route. It's been a week of near misses.

1. What is your favourite kind of pie?

No question - apple. Other pies are okay, but apple is the best! Oh and never ever ever pumpkin. Blech! Just like nuts in baking, pumpkin pie is from the devil.

2. What kind of wedding did you have. I am making the broad assumption here that you are married, if you're not.. what was the last wedding like that you went to.

A medium sized church wedding - we have a medium sized church so the place was packed and it was a gazillion degrees. Six adults and three kids in the wedding party not counting Mike and I. Followed by a buffet style dinner, some funny/touching speeches and then we danced our faces off. It was a great day and I would do it all again... only, you know, different.

3. Ever been too a 3D movie?

They are all the rage right now, aren't they? ML and I hit up Step Up 3D earlier this week. It was my first 3D movie, not counting Captain Eo with Michael Jackson that I saw at Epcot center in the 80's. I was actually very impressed with the use of 3D within the Step Up storyline. Mike had a Daddy/daughter date with the Abster later in the week to see Cats & Dogs in 3D which he deemed the worst movie ever. (Of course he never takes the Dukes of Hazzard remake into consideration when he's throwing that statement around because that truly is the worst movie ever put to film and I've seen Glitter, Showgirls and Gigli (no disrespect to Kevin Smith) so I feel qualified to make that judgement). Anyway he disliked it very much, said the 3D effects were almost non-exsistent, but Abby loved it. Of course she also thought the "sausage dress" looked fabulous on me so her opinion must be considered suspect. Wow.... what was the question again?

4. What is the worst movie ever made?

Listen very closely because this cannot be overstated - The worst movie ever made is The Dukes of Hazzard. When I was growing up that show was family friendly the remake was not. I could go on, but it's only going to angry up my blood.

5. Are you all set for back to school?

I think we are. The kids have backpacks, lunch bags, indoor shoes, and clothes. There is still some special "help out the class" stuff we have to pick up for MyPie - ziploc bags, kleenex and play doh, but other than that we're good to go.

So now the rules, they're pretty simple. Post your answers to these questions on your own blog in the next few days. Remember to link back here in your post and sign the Mr. Linky too, so we can all see what you have to say. Please make sure you link to your actual KMKY post and not your blog's front page. Any front page links will be deleted. And most importantly, have fun! Have suggestions for next months questions? Leave me a comment or send me an email and let me know.


Pam said...

How can you NOT like pumpkin pie? It is like awesomeness in a crust.

Bibliomama said...

I love when people care enough to really hate a movie. :)

Mommy Project said...

I'm with you Pam! I love pumpkin pie, too...although it isn't my very, very favourite. ;-)

I can't believe I didn't link up already! It's there now.

Thanks Shanny! Love the KMKY posts!