Friday, October 03, 2008

you wanted to know

Months ago, I can't remember when exactly, my bud Normie at The Mommy Project suggested it would be a great idea to write another 100 things about me post. And I think I've been working on it ever since. It's not an easy thing to write... I'm not really all that interesting.

Anyway, since I'm giving you all a hundred little pieces of me... some serious, some fun, some strictly fluff, I think it's only fair I get a little back. So how about we call this delurking day as well? So leave me a comment saying hey and tell me one thing you'd put on your 100 things list. That goes for my regular commenting blogging buddies too.

101. At my Dad's funeral the casket was closed, so I never actually saw his body. Because of that when I was a kid I used to pretend he hadn't really died and he would come back one day.

102. I love Bits and Bites! But in the following order; shreddies, cheerios, pretzels and cheese sticks.

103. When I was a kid I loved Hickory Sticks. Having had them as an adult, they are actually kind of gross and not hickory tasting at all.

104. Every night when I go to bed I check on the girls and re-tuck them in and re-kiss them good night even though I've already done it and they're asleep.

105. My grandparents had a soccer croquet game for Dave, my cousins and I to play when we were there. I thought it was the greatest game ever.

106. Sometimes I think I'd like a dog, a little dog, like a cocker spaniel, but I really don't. At all.

107. I am not a fan of pop. It feels like it is burning my throat when I drink it.

108. That being said I will indulge in about 3 cans of grape Crush a year. That is delicious and it doesn't burn.

109. Also I LOVE the smell of cream soda.

110. I'm not a big coffee fan either, in it's original state. I may drink a couple of cups a year. Coffee ice cream, however, is a whole other animal.

111. I do love my tea though; orange pekoe, earl grey, green, peppermint, peppermint green, it's all good to me.

112. And iced tea. Nestea Zero to be specific, that's my next favourite thing to drink after ice water.

113. I think it's safe to say my love affair with ebay is officially over.

114. However, my love affair with Etsy is, apparently, just beginning.

115. I love being crafty, but wish I was better.

116. My parents were pretty creative people, so I guess Dave and I come by it naturally.

117. My dad was a writer and a sign painter.

118. My Mom has done just about every creative thing you can imagine - calligraphy, folk painting, papertole, flower arranging, cake decorating, crocheting and I'm sure a million other things I'm forgetting.

119. I am not a gardener. I`d really like to be, but I`m totally clueless when it comes to plants. Well, to be honest I`d just like my place to have a bit more curb appeal.

120. Probably the biggest reason I'm not a gardener is that I hate the feeling of dirt on my hands. I just need someone to come in and set up a low maintenance look for me.

121. Coke bottle gummies are my favourite in the gummie genre.

122. When I'm sleeping I must have a blanket on me. Doesn't matter how hot it is, I cannot sleep without one.

123. I can't go to sleep unless I close and lock all the downstairs windows first.

124. There was a time in my life when I would indulge in the guilty pleasure that is soap opera watching. At various points in my life I have been a fan of Days of Our Lives, The Young and the Restless and General Hospital.

125. I still scan the covers of Soap Opera magazines in the checkout line.

126. I cannot watch an episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition (or really any design show) if I miss the part where they introduce the family and tell their story at the beginning.

127. I cannot stop watching House Hunters even though the comments made by the house hunters on the show drive me nuts with their ridiculousness. I mean come on, the decision to buy or not buy a house should never be weighed on whether or not you like the ceiling fan in the master suite.

128. Toxic Waste candies are the most sour thing on the planet. They are almost painful to eat. In fact I "burned" my tongue on one earlier today. And yet I cannot stop eating them.

129. You can't even imagine how much I loved Dynasty back in the day.

130. I also used to be a huge fan of Danielle Steel, but I haven't read one of her books in ten years or more.

131. I really do enjoy a well written chick lit book.

132. Anybody Out There by Marian Keyes is a book I loved reading. I didn't want it to end. I wish I could go back and re-read it again for the first time.

133. I loved to play backgammon when I was a kid. I even had my own little backgammon briefcase. Now I can't even remember how to play.

134. Heath Ledger's passing was incredibly sad. I can't help, but think of his daughter and wonder how she will manage growing up without him. At the same time, speaking as an adult who lost a parent as a child, I think that the endless hours of footage she has of her dad is very special. It's been over two decades since my Dad passed away and I wish I could remember the sound of his voice.

135. I love pictures. I love taking them, sharing them, looking at them and giving them as gifts. It is the ultimate from the heart gift, in my opinion.

136. I can not get enough of the show Entourage. Vinnie Chase is hawt, y'all. Actually I love all the characters, but Ari is my fave. Jeremy Piven's been my boy since he was on Ellen's show. Bonus he is/was BFF's with John Cusack.

137. Funny is sexy! Seriously! Make me laugh and I'm yours. Which explains why the Wilson brothers.... Owen and Luke are on the top of "my list". And Vince Vaughn. Maybe I just a thing for guys named Vinnie?

138. I do not get the appeal of Jessica Alba.

139. I love comedies like SuperBad, HotRod, Knocked Up, Forty Year Old Virgin and the like.

140. I cannot stand movies like Borat or Jackass.

141. I have always been a David Letterman girl. Jay Leno's never been for me, but I do enjoy Conan every now and then.

142. I have been an ardent Saturday Night Live fan ever since I was old enough to stay up late enough to watch it.

143. Sometimes I think I'd like to move (shhhh don't tell Mike), but I really don't. At all.

145. If I could, I would be a stay at home Mom or a work at home Mom.

146. I love volunteering and "paying it forward", but always worry that I don't do enough.

147. Sometimes I wish I could sew and/or quilt, but know I can't take one more hobby into my life.

148. I was not on the Harry Potter train at all, but now I do have the first book sitting here waiting for me to read it.

149. I'm going to try and not be so late to the party with the Twilight series.

150. I used to bite my nails.

151. I love to waste a snowy winter day away under a blanket either lost in a book or a movie. Preferably still in my jammies.

152. I usually wait until my tea is lukewarm before I drink. Often I wait too long and the last couple of sips are cold.

153. Whenever that happens I always think of my Mom and how she never go a hot cup of coffee when Dave and I were kids.

154. I still remember my Dad teaching me how to make a pot of coffee when I was a kid. At the time I thought it was a very grown up thing he was letting me do. As an adult and a parent I see he was passing the job on to me so he could stay in the garage "shooting the shit" with his buddies. Smart guy!

155. I hate to dust and vacuum. I'll take care of pretty much any other housework type cleaning job, but those I hate. As soon as the vacuum stops freaking out the girls I'm passing that job onto them.

156. I think the Dukes of Hazzard remake is one of the worst movies ever made. There is so much wrong with that movie I wouldn't even know where to start. Actually I do, but it's one of those things Mike wishes I would stop ranting about already.

157. I love to shop online, but wish there was a greater selection of Canadian retailers on the web. Or that they were easier to find.

158. I love to Christmas shop and start seriously shopping, ridiculously early. Really, though I have my eye out for things all year round. I store them all in my "gift trunk" in my closet. Shhh don't tell the kids. They think it's full of blankets.

159. I also have a "gift book" where I write down gift ideas and keep track of what I've already bought.

160. I'd like to be way more organized then I am.

161. I love documentaries. Some of my favourites - Metal - A Head Banger's Journey, Planet Earth, and Who Killed The Electric Car?

162. I have way too many feeds in my bloglines account, but I can't help adding more.

163. I have such a huge stack of books waiting to be read that I have a hard time picking the next one to read.

164. I used to have a magazine addiction. People, Redbook, Cosmo or anything that had something interesting on the cover. I read them all. I gave them all up to help with our budget a couple of years ago. Now I indulge in Canadian Living and Chatelaine once a month at about the same cost of one issue of People.

165. Even still, I have been known to cave to an issue of People every now and then. Those covers can be very persuasive. I do want to know who the best and worst dressed stars are.

166. I love playing games of all kinds, computer, web, card, board, or video.

167. The potential is there for me to become addicted to the Lego video game series.

168. I think they really need to release a country version of Guitar Hero.

169. I can't stop playing Diner Dash. I might have to actually buy the game, my trial is going to run out soon.

170. I Love Scrabble, but don't play as often as I'd like.

171. I am in awe of George Strait, dude just keeps cranking out hit after hit.

172. I never get enough sleep. There's always just one more thing I have to do.

173. I am making an attempt at being nicer to myself in that area of my life and heading up to bed earlier. Hence the spotty posting for the last week.

174. I cannot stand the feel of wet sweaters. I hate taking them out of the washing machine and will wrap them in a towel rather than touch them with my bare hands.

175. SOS pads are another thing I can't stand the feel of. Thank goodness for rubber gloves.

176. I love facebook. A lot. Wanna be my friend?

178. Also, I love texting. It allows me to continue annoying Michael even when we're apart.

179. And annoying Michael, I've made it an artform. I have so many avenues at my disposal.

180. Abby is attending the same grade school Dave and I did way back in the day.

181. The library seems much smaller now then it did back then.

182. My ears are pierced, but I never wear earrings.

183. In fact I wear almost no jewelry at all. I don't wear my rings to work and often forget to put them back on over the weekend.

184. I am always wearing the family pendant my girls (via Granny) got me for Christmas.

185. I don't really care much for clothes shopping for myself, but I'm always up for just about any other kind of shopping including grocery.

186. Home Depot is one of my favourite stores.

187. I would love a shopping spree at Chapters.

188. Or WalMart, that would be more practical.

189. I don't get people that don't check their mail, the electronic and/or original version, regularly.

190. Sometimes I still can't believe I did the natural childbirth thing, twice. It was not part of my plan at all.

191. Even though she's only two it feels like Maya has been with us for 10 years. It's hard to believe it's still two more years before she goes to school.

192. Abby on the other hand just seems to be getting older every time I blink. Maybe it's because we got more sleep with her?

193. I still think having another baby would be nice, but the "what if's" scare the hell out of me.

194. I wonder if I'll ever outgrow this acute shyness. It would appear not at this point in my life.

195. I can't keep up with a TV series if it's on a Friday or Saturday night. This season I'm giving it a try with the Ex List (Fridays) though.

196. I love having my hair brushed and my head massaged.

197. I used to love soaking and reading in the tub, but now I'm strictly a shower girl.

198. I love pudding, but only chocolate. The rest is just a waste of time.

199. I love my jammies! I'd like to wear them all the time.

200. Wow this second 100 was way harder than the first. I'm glad it's done.


Cristan said...

I'll be your Facebook friend! Email me and I'll tell you my "real" name!

Random thing about me: I do not know how to make coffee, and I still dislike the taste of it.

Leah said...

WHEW, are you out of breath now typing all that out? LOL

I like these types of posts!

Sarah Pekkanen said...

Hi there -- I'm also a huge Marian Keyes fan (which is how I came across your blog). I was wondering if you wouldn't mind checking out my website and letting me know what you think? I'm a new novelist with a book coming out in a little over a year, and it's in the same genre as Marian Keyes, so as a fellow fan, I'd love to get your feedback. Thanks!

Merry said...

Sorry to be such an inconsistent "posting buddy" here lately! I seem to be burning the candle at both ends & at the middle. I know you know what that is like. Having said that....I am totally going to do a 100 things about me on my blog so come on over. :)

Karen said...

My random thing is that I have a tattoo. It isn't that shocking a thing anymore but it was to my parents when they discovered it.

Norma-ann at The Mommy Project said...

I can't sleep without the covers on, either! *And*...they have to be pulled up over my shoulder.

I love your lists! So much fun to read...thanks for {finally} doing it. ;-)

A few comments:

101) I didn't go. I still have dreams he has been alive this whole time.
106) I wouldn't vote for a C.S.
113/114) ditto on both. I may get back into selling photo pillows on mat. leave.
120) Maybe I can use you for a project at school sometime!
134). Ditto. And, you are seriously making me cry.
137) Yes! But, remember...Vince and Johnny are get Luke and Owen. That's the deal.
138) Me either! But...Dave does.
141) Did you know Conan is a distant relative of Denis (rahr) Leary?
143) I'm sorry. That would not be acceptable.
150) Me. Never.
155) And I don't mind either of those! We should work something out. ;-)
161) I bought PE for Dave, but I can't watch it. I'm still (really) upset about the elephant that went the wrong way.
164) I still do.
174) Whoa! Weird. You are a freak.
176) Yes. xo.
187) OMG. Me too!!
196) Not me!

I will try to do my own one of these days...but I don't think I could come up with such an interesting list on my own.

Widney Woman said...

Great list. I didn't realize how much of our likes we have in common.

And I would believe how much you loved Dynasty. My friends knew not to call me on Thursday evenings. In fact, one friend had a question to ask me. She watched the show then called me on a commercial!!

Julie said...

What a fun post, and such dedication to get it done! Random thing about me... I was a cheerleader for 5 years, even though as a kid I would hide when we had company over for dinner because I was so shy.

Kristina said...

I'm impressed you did it! That's 200 interesting facts about you. That would be really hard for me to do!

One random fact about me: I can wiggle my ears. So can my mom. My sisters can not. My college roommate used to ask me to do it all the time, and she used to tell me to be careful I didn't fly away.

Shan said...

Cristan - I'm not a huge fan either.

Leah - I like reading them too, but they are a lot of work to write.

Sarah - thanks for stopping by. I look forward to your book.

Merry - Yep, I know exactly what that means. Looking forward to reading your list.

Karen - you don't strike me as the tattoo type. Where and what is it?

Normie - Glad you enjoyed, it was all for you:) And I definitely think you need a list of your own.

Widney - Yeah I miss Dynasty. Although Dirty Sexy Money has been a nice modern day replacement.

Julie - thanks!

Kristina - now that's one thing I can't do.