Sunday, January 25, 2015

sunday randoms

252,637 steps toward my ultimate goal of 3.65 million steps this year. That still puts me a tiny bit ahead of schedule. I'm not going to lie, this week was a tough one. I had to add some extra steps.... a lot of extra steps.... on some days to keep on pace. There were meetings and obligations that ate up my afternoons, but I was pleased even still I was able to get myself back on track.

I've been keeping up with the squats. I'm up to 125, but I've pretty much abandoned the push ups for now. My shoulder is feeling great, but I'm really not looking to push my luck.

We did science experiments with our Cloverbud kiddos today. It was fun and crazy and chaotic. Those two hours really flew by.

Anybody else thinking Downton Abbey is pretty great this season?

How was your weekend?

Saturday, January 24, 2015

lady cave

It used to be the toyroom, but the little people here are turning into almost big people and there isn't a lot of playing with toys going on around here. For the past few months we have been working on decluttering. The shelves in the toyroom were full of toys nobody touched any longer. Little People, Little Pets, little kid board games.... you get the picture. So we cleared a lot of stuff out and then did nothing for a month or two, the fact that we are months away from co-habitating with a teenager forced us, and by us I mean me, to go back in and take another look. The girls were very helpful about deciding what sorts of things had run their course and we cleaned out a bunch ore stuff. It's never an easy job and I'd just as soon not do it, but there's only so much space to be had in blogmotherland. Anyway we purged and cleaned and tidied and rearranged some furniture and what did we get for our troubles....


Friends of ours have some hang out space in their basement that they call the Man Cave. Our first evening hanging out in the toyroom was for us three girls to watch Gilmore Girls while Mike watched the Raptors on the big screen. As we were getting glasses of water and knitting (okay that one was just me) and fuzzy blankets Abby told her Dad that we would be retiring to the Lady Cave and he was not allowed to join us. I think Mike laughed for three days about that one and by that time the name had stuck. It's actually officially official now that we have the sign and everything.

Now my bloggy friend Lynn asked me what the Lady Cave looked like (aka what do the tweens want in a hangout space) and it turns out not too much....


A TV, ideally a TV with Netflix and we're working on that, but it hasn't happened just yet. They do have a dvd player and the Wii. Lego is still king around here, so we used the space to display some already built projects that the kids love to play with.


A futon because the Lady Cave also doubles as our guest room. A couple of weeks ago I picked up two end table for super duper cheap and pushed them together as a coffee table. The girls are forever borrowing my nesting table to use in there. Solved that problem.


And a Christmas tree. Maya was so upset about taking down our tree that I agreed to let the little one in there stay up for longer.... which probably means it will still be there in October, but whatever. Pick your battles, right.

So that's it, that's our little tweenie hang out space. A space she can call her own to have friends over and not have to hang out in the same public spaces as her lame-o parents.

The absolute best part though... Abby, Maya and I have been binge watching Gilmore Girls which we now do in the Lady Cave and every time we are preparing to watch an episode or three Maya summons us all by yelling out, Lady Cavers assemble!! Funniest thing ever.

Friday, January 23, 2015

friday high five

1. Online donation request forms. Love them! I'm beginning the process of collecting items for two separate silent auctions and this makes things so much easier. Sure it's more time sitting in front of the laptop, but it saves funds spent on stamps, paper, ink etc. Fingers crossed we see a good return.

2. Vistaprint. I've used them for several projects recently and their service and product has been fantastic. Their sales are great too!

3. 4H. This week Abby started clubs in sewing and woodworking. By the end of both we should be the proud owners of a new pillow and a bird house. Sunday will find us with the little ones doing science experiments! This organization has been great for the entire family.

4. The BBC. They just make great shows, don't they? Currently enjoying Downton Abey... because, who isn't.... and season three of Call the Midwife. Feeling lucky I didn't have to have my baby in an English tenement in the 50's.

5. Canada Dry and Forty Creek. My perfect Friday night.

What's getting your high fives this week?

Monday, January 19, 2015

dear maya

Nine years old today and you wanted to celebrate it in true Maya fashion, surrounded by the people you love the most. All the grandparents came for dinner, but if we had the room you would have packed the house with all the people you hold close to your heart. Even still it was your perfect evening and I think the ear to ear grin you wore all night said it all.


We ate your favourite things and told funny stories and we laughed until our stomachs ached. Nothing is more important to you than family. You've got that life lesson locked down. Dinner with family, cards, board games, movies... anything that has us together is alright by you. You've really settled into yourself this past year. You're more open and easy going. You're building relationships independent of the rest of the family. It is such a beautiful thing to see I can't even articulate it.


You still love everything about school, the work, the reading, the art, the teachers, and the other kids. You can't get enough of the Frozen movie or lego or hanging out with Abby. The house is littered with your stories and drawings. You love to be creative. You still claim cleaning is not your thing, much to your sister's exasperation. You are witty and quick with a come back. You've learned well young grasshopper. It's taken us a while to get here, but everything with you has just gotten easier and it feels like a weight has been lifted off us and it's the best feeling ever. I am so incredibly lucky that I get to be your Mom. Love you to the moon and back MyPie xo

Love Mama

Sunday, January 18, 2015

sunday randoms

182,696 steps so far this year means I am still on pace to make my 3.65 million steps by the year's end.

I never take my cellphone to my bedroom, but I did last night. I remembered to turn off the ringer, but forgot to turn it screen side down, which was a good thing, because otherwise my brother's text abut Top Gun wouldn't have woken me up at 1:30am. Best brother ever. No sarcasm. True story.

My shoulder feels different/better under all that tape. I'm grateful, but still taking it easy.

This weekend was kind of on the quiet side, which was nice because the ones coming up are jam packed already.

I slept in on Saturday and Sunday. I needed to catch up after the lousy pre-shoulder taping night. Auntie KK would be so proud of me.

Who's loving season 5 of Downton so far?

How was your weekend?

Friday, January 16, 2015

friday high five

In celebration of my 10th bloggy anniversary this year (this month even!) I thought it a good idea to play The Blogmother's Greatest Hits. And first on the album, the Friday High Five, who's getting them this week?

1. Kinesio tape and the lovely people that know how to apply it. My personal best guess is I pushed myself to hard on this little old squat challenge I've been doing. When I have a lot of anxiety in my life, the way I hold myself results in a terrific back ache in the area of my left shoulder blade. This pain began just like that a couple of days ago, but got progressively worse. So much worse. My back isn't quite 100%, but it's at least 77% better now that I'm all taped up.

2. iMessage. I don't actually have an apple product of my own, save for a pink iPod nano, but Maya does and she uses iMessage to message her Granny and Uncle Dave. Maya loves getting and sending messages to them both.

3. The Lady Cave. I spent the beginning of this week transforming the toyroom from a little kid space to a hangout for tweens that Abby has dubbed the Lady Cave. Mike's been laughing about that for three days now.

4. Fitbit. I fell off pace for one day, but I'm game to make it up. 3.65 million, here I come.

5. Abby. She took pretty good care of me today, letting me hang out in the recliner where the pain was tolerable while she tidied and ran me little errands. Love her.

Who's getting your high fives this week?

Monday, January 12, 2015

winner winner

Did I tell y'all how Abby won Christmas this year?

It's no secret I love giving gifts. Christmas is my jam. Typically I have an easy time shopping for everyone on my list, but this year my Mom was proving tricky. A couple of months ago The Abster and I were sitting here chatting about all things Christmas..... What am I going to get Granny this year? Do you have any ideas?

And she did. She had one fantastic idea. An idea so fantastic that when Granny finally got to open it, this happened......


I think she likes it.

So what was Abby's fantastic idea?........ You know what Granny needs, a phone case. The one she has is booooring. She needs something fancier.

I know what you're thinking, dang how fancy was that phone case? Pretty dang fancy, let me tell you. We ordered her a custom phone case complete with pictures of the entire family.

It was a home run, out of the park!


Nice work, Abbers!