Friday, April 21, 2006

100 Things About Shannon

Well today's my birthday. Happy Birthday to me. Abby has planned my birthday festivities for tonight so we'll be heading out to Wendy's for dinner later. Don't you love kids? So in honour of my 33rd (Oh God when did that happen?) I'm going to write a post that all the popular kids seem to be writing. You know how I love to be like the mainstream masses.

100 Things About Me

1. I was born today, obviously, 33 years ago.
2. My Mother has never complained about how awful my birth was.
3. I had a pretty great childhood, overall.
4. My parents were fun and I have lots of great memories.
5. Like camping every summer at Niagara Falls and later Elora Gorge.
6. You aren't likely to see me camping these days. I guess I had my fill.
7. We had more picnics then I can count. Whether it was gathering everybody at my Mom's parents, or a park with my Dad's parents and grabbing some sandwiches and heading to the beach with just the 4 of us.
8. My parents were very family oriented. We spent a lot of time with our extended families on both sides.
9. I lived in Hamilton when I was a kid. I walked to school and came home for lunch.
10. When I was 10 we moved to a more rural setting and I had to take a bus to school.
11. My parents separated not long after that. I can't remember one saying a bad word about the other.
12. My Dad passed away when I was 12.
13. That was a difficult thing to get through. Without my Mom I couldn't have done it.
14. She's my hero.
15. Growing up I always wanted a sister.
16. I have a younger brother.
17. We haven't always had the best relationship, but I think it's pretty great now.
18. I think his wife is amazing and she makes a great sister (in-law).
19. I wish they lived closer, but accept they probably never will.
20. I'm glad they're not any further than 2 hours away.
21. I met Mike in a high school art class when I was 16.
22. Our lives had crossed paths many times before we actually met.
23. When my Uncle was a teenager he cut the grass at Mike's Grandma's motel.
24. With the exception of my Dad our parents all grew up in the same rural area we live in today.
25. My Grandmother cut out the newpaper clippings from Mike and his brother's births. Just because she knew the family.
26. Mike and I had our first date about a month before my Grandma died.
27. When I visited her in the hospital afterwards she asked "how my date with that Revill boy went".
28. Mike and I both count Fred as our oldest friend. We've both known him since birth.
29. Our brothers were friends before Mike and I were.
30. Mike and I started dating at 16 and married at 23.
31. This year we'll have been married for 10 years and together for 17.
32. I've known Mike longer than I knew my Dad.
33. That could depress me if I let it.
34. It took 5 years for me to get pregnant with Abby.
35. Before she was born I had a dream that when our baby was born nobody told me if I had a boy or a girl and I had to ask Mike which it was. It was a girl.
36. That's exactly what happened when Abby was born.
37. Abby was born 3 weeks early after a 5 hour labour, breech (bum first) and med free.
38. Maya was born 5 weeks early after a 7 hour labour, head first and med free.
39. Both times I waited to late to get an epidural.
40. Both girls were born with health problems that required extended hospital stays.
41. Because of that Mike and I have decided not to have anymore kids.
42. That too could depress me if I let it.
43. I am empathetic as well as sympathetic and soft hearted.
44. That means I cry at things like the song Roll On by Alabama, the A&W commercial where the couple tells his parents they're pregnant, shows like Extreme Makeover Home Edition and when my kids are so cute I can't stand it.
45. I listen to country music almost exclusively.
46. Believe by Brooks and Dunn is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.
47. Mike knows that if Faith Hill ever leaves Tim McGraw I'm going to have to go give it a shot.
48. Tim McGraw is on my list.
49. So is George Clooney, Luke Wilson/Owen Wilson (they're brothers I count them as one), Vince Vaughan and Jeff Probst.
50. Tom Cruise used to be on my list but the whole Katie Holmes, couch jumping, Brooke Shields bashing, Scientology pushing really turned me off.
51. I think Oprah gets a raw deal a lot of the time in the media.
52. If I was in her position I would defintely have my best friend as my right hand.
53. Brad Pitt used to be on my list too until the Angelina Jolie thing.
54. Apparently I'm a bigger Jennifer Aniston fan than a Brad Pitt fan.
55. There is no reason who Brad Pitt sleeps with should concern me.
56. And yet it does.
57. Thanks to Oprah Mike and I are on the Debt Diet.
58. Thanks to the Debt Diet I've given up my weekly People magazine fix.
59. That was painful to do.
60. Shows I can't stand to miss; Survivor, My Name Is Earl, The Office, Prison Break, The Sopranos and Big Love.
61. I love to cook.
62. I think lasagna is my best dish.
63. East Side Marios is my favourite restaurant.
64. Wendy's is my fave for fast food.
65. My favourite drink is iced cold water.
66. I still like to drink Kool Aid.
67. Baby powder is my favourite scent.
68. Kit Kat in all it's forms is my favourite chocolate bar.
69. SmartFood popcorn and Doritoes are the best snack food.
70. I lucked out in the in-law department. They're all pretty amazing.
71. Mike and I are very family oriented.
72. We spend most of our time with family.
73. We consider our friends to be family.
74. Mike and I live in the house my parent's bought when I was 10.
75. I have lived in this house for 23 years.
76. I can't imagine ever wanting to move.
77. I spend a lot of time thinking about redecorating.
78. I can't stand the taste or smell of anything cherry.
79. I love hanging laundry on the clothesline.
80. I love the smell of clothes dried outside.
81. I hate putting laundry away.
82. Entering contests is my new favoutite hobby.
83. I HAVE to get the mail every day.
84. I do most of my Christmas shopping on Ebay.
85. I love finding a bargain.
86. I love to read, but don't have a lot of time for it these days.
85. "Chick-lit" is my current favourite genre.
86. Gone With the Wind is my favourite book and movie.
87. I am terrified of snakes and mice.
88. I want to get my nose pierced, but I probably won't.
89. I want to dye my hair, but I don't know what colour.
90. I love to smell Maya's head after a bath.
91. I love to snuggle in bed and watch cartoons with Abby.
92. I think Mike and I made some very adorable children.
93. Mike and I make a pretty good team, most of the time.
94. I like Mike as much as I love him.
95. I love to write, but don't think I do it that well.
96. I read way more blogs than are on my blogroll.
97. Robin is my oldest girl friend and she's a way better friend than I deserve.
98. Everybody should be lucky enough to have a Robin in their life.
99. She's the one I'd go to for help to run my multi-million dollar media empire.
100. I think my life has been pretty amazing thus far. Let's see what the next 33 years bring.


mom said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Love ya!!
You are the miracle of child birth, would have you again in a heart beat!
I also have, and have inherited amazing children!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how I found this January 2008 when I googled: "My Little Pony grocery store cakes," but your blog came up! Somehow, I ended up reading 100 things about you and I really enjoyed every word! I don't even read blogs regularly!

I think you and Mike sound like great people with two beautiful children.

PS - I hate cherry flavor anything too! =-)

PPS - Wilton does not make "My Little Pony" cake pans for my mom to decorate (she did a Dora cake just like your mom!), so I'm a little cheesed right now. I'll probably pay $40 for they yucky grocery store one!

=-) Kristen
wife to my Prince, and mom to 3 kids