Sunday, February 20, 2005

I've been...

trying to figure out what exactly this blog is supposed to be about. I have lots of stuff in my head that I could bore you all with my opinion on. For example how the general population seems to have forgotten how to be polite. That's probably my biggest pet peeve in the world. Abby is already well versed in the art of saying please and thank you. In fact my sitter told me she's the only kid there that does say please and thank you. Abby doesn't always like to get her hairbrushed and sometimes she puts up a bit of a fuss, but when I'm finished she always says thank you Mommy. She'll even correct Mike if he forgets to say it... say thank you to Abby. If somebody holds a door open for me I always say thank you, but I don't as often get a thank you back if I'm the one holding the door. I can't for the life of me figure out how being polite went out of fashion. I could go on and on, but I'll stop with that and get back to the topic on hand.

I know a lot of blogs are about the blogger's life. Well mine seems pretty boring. Abby and I were sick with the flu most of the week. She got feeling better around Friday afternoon just when I was coming down with it. Mike seems to have missed out on all the fun. My mom showed up on her white horse Wednesday and rescued me. Grandma showed up with treats for Abby and me. More importantly she let me get some sleep while she kept an eye on the patient. In the end Abby climbed up beside me and fell asleep too. So Mom watched over both of us. Oh and let's not forget she took pictures of us too. There's something a little creepy about waking up and finding out somebody's been taking pictures of you while you were asleep. Abby's Great Grandma is in the hospital so I've been trying to get Abby and I better and keep on top of any developments there. I know we haven't been any sort of help with all of that. Luckily she's in the same hospital where Jeff works so he's been checking in regularily with her. Today was the first day we both felt human, but it seems like Mike might be coming down with it now. He did have a migraine earlier so I'm not sure if it was just that. Today was the first day since Wednesday that everybody got dressed. Today we watched the Daytona 500, kind of a snoozefest until the last few laps and then we were on the edge of our seats. See I told you pretty boring.

Then I thought I could write about Abby. She's the biggest joy in my life. She makes me laugh everyday. She's really becoming independent. I'm hearing no Mommy, I do it, more and more. Last week she learned how to put her own slippers on. This week she learned how to put on her own socks. Of course I find all this fascinating, but I know not everybody would. So I still don't know what it will be about. Something different everytime I guess.

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