Sunday, April 03, 2005

All Grown Up

Well I woke up bright and early this morning at 6:30 am. The house was quiet, Abby was still asleep. I peek out the window when I get out of bed and it's snowing! What the hell! Yesterday was warmish and sunny. Abby and I took her dolly for a walk and she played outside, it was gorgeous. Cut to 12 hours later and we're in the middle of a serious snowstorm. I stumbled downstairs and checked the Envirnoment Canada website and what to I find, but WINTER STORM WATCH CONTINUES, highlighted in red. They're calling for 30 cm's of snow when all is said and done sometime tomorrow. We're not expecting straight snow, oh no that wouldn't be enough fun. No it will be snow, turning to wet snow, turning to rain, turning back to snow. So far they've been true to their word. It was raining when we left to have dinner with friends. The snow was back for our trip home though. Big huge wet flakes and it was windy so visibiltiy was poor.

Some how I've gotten off track.... back to this morning. So I'm sitting here by myself and I'm cursing winter. I mean come on, it's April. I think we can be finished with the snow. I was afraid I was going to have to shovel some more. Wondered if we had any road salt left for the walkway. We just got rid of all the snow in our yard this week, how long will it take to get rid of again? I just wanted to go back to bed..... wake me up if spring gets here. There was nobody hating snow and winter more than I was this morning.

About an hour after I got up Miss Abby was also awake. So up I go to get her and she's so excited she can't stand it. I open her door and she runs to her bedroom window. "See the snow Mommy? It's snow! It's snow! See?" For her sake I pretend to be excited too. Once we've established that I have in fact seen the snow she makes a beeline for the stairs. "I get snowpants. Go outside. Play. Play snow. Just like Teletubbies." Partway down she starts yelling for Daddy to get her snowpants. She doesn't want to change out of her jammies, eat breakfast, nothing. She just wants her snowpants.

I can't even remember when I felt that way about the snow. It's been a few (dozen) years anyway. I guess it's official, I'm a grumpy old lady. Nothing better to do than complain about the weather. Now I'll have to start bitching about the cost of things and how teenagers dress. Oh damn I already do that. This is worse than I thought. I'd like to tell you that a light bulb went off and I changed my crotchety ways, got dressed up with Abby and went out to play. Since my life isn't a Speilberg directed movie though, I instead convinced Abby that we should make pancakes for breakfast and watch Dora in our jammies. Actually I took it a bit farther and had Mike make the pancakes for us. I guess you could say that because of the snow we spent a nice morning together as a family. Lazed around most of the day in our jammies watching movies. It was great, but I'm still ready for spring!

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