Saturday, May 03, 2008

a few grand more

Last night Mike and I helped out at a fund raising event for Abby's school. The local Lion's Club had offered to host a wingding for us to raise funds to spend on technology for the school. For kicks we thought to add a silent auction and penny sale. We didn't have much time to gather donations, but we still manage to get enough stuff together to have a pretty impressive auction. Bidding was fierce at the close of the auction, but I'm happy to say we won the Dilly Bars donated by Dairy Queen and an item to be tucked away as a gift.

At some point yesterday afternoon my partner silent auction crime thought we should also be holding a 50/50 draw. So we did. And we went around selling tickets. And we sold a lot of tickets. Later I'm standing on the stage with a big bowl of tickets in my hands. I swirl the bowl around. I dip my hand in and stir them up some more. I give it one last shake before my partner puts her hand in to pull the winning ticket. She reads the number out loud. Mike's checking our tickets from where he sits manning the penny sale. He looks up and catches my eye. "We've got it," he mouthes to me. And we did. Then we spent the rest of the night feeling guilty we had won and whispering back and forth to each other;

"Do you think people are mad?"

"You didn't pull the winning ticket, did you?"

"Do you think it looks really bad?"

"I feel guilty, why do I feel so guilty?"

Apparently, that's how we celebrate good luck around here because we're cool like that. Today we talked and decided to funnel some more money back into the school by purchasing some craft supplies for Abby's classroom.

It was a fantastic night. One I am so proud to have been a part of organizing. The final exact number isn't in yet, but we've ballparked it to around $3000. And that just feels incredible!


just me said...

good job!!! be guiltless, enjoy!

bleeding espresso said...

Awesome on all accounts!

Gerbil said...

Well, how cool is that that you guys make sure all the children win out!

Leah said...

wow! Yay to you guys! awesome work, and it sounds like it was a fun night for all...

PS When I was in elementary school, we did something called "kids night out" one friday a month where you could come, pay an entrance fee, then watch a movie and have snacks, etc. The principal was a volunteer fire fighter and would do a drawing for lunch out with him, and a short ride in the parking lot on a fire truck. I got picked to draw the winning names (he'd do five each time) one particular day and the fifth name drawn was MINE. Because I'd drawn it, they had me put it back in, shake the bowl some more, then let another girl draw the last name. MINE came out again! LOL!!!!

Karen said...

But did you win the cookbook?

Anonymous said...

thats fantastic. Why is it that everyone feels guilty when good news about money is involved.Enjoy and do something nice for yourselves. life partner

Mommy (a.k.a Norma-ann/a.k.a Normie) said...


I'm kidding, of course.
Way to go Shan!! You did a great job and I'm just sad we didn't make it out. :(
It sounds like it would have been fun. Darnnit!

Shan said...

Mom, BE & Gerbil - thanks!

Leah - well it was obviously meant to be:)

Karen - No I did not. As soon as the silent auction started Grandma Linda and my neighbour were in a cut throat bidding war. It actually ended up going for a little more than the cover price, but not to Grandma Linda.

Life Partner - I'm not sure. Weird isn't it?

Normie - Thanks and yeah you should have been there. It was so much fun. I'm counting on you for next year!!