Friday, May 09, 2008

her future's so bright she's gotta wear shades

2008-05-08 004

Maya has a new obsession with sunglasses. Luckily at the end of last summer Granny snapped up about a dozen pairs for next to nothing so Maya now many different looks at her disposal.

2008-05-08 017

How obsessed is she? Well she wears them outside and when we're in the van, but those are all pretty normal applications. She also wears them to watch TV, eat dinner, read a book, colour. Oh and not only did she wear a pair to church, but wore them through the entire service. She also wandered the halls of Abby's school during the Open House wearing the retro look. Causing the Principal to remark we had a celebrity in our midst.

Despite all that I think this speaks volumes about Maya's love for sunglasses.

2008-05-08 027

Do you see them? Under her arm? Yep, she wears them to bed and tucks them in beside her to sleep.


Renaedujour said...

It's always good to have multiple pairs of sunglasses. :) One for each bag, one for each car, one for each room.

Melissa said...

Thats so cute! Especially the pic of her sleeping with the sunglasses. Katelyn has recently started stealing Gavin's sunglasses!

L Sass said...

Sunglasses are ALWAYS a chic accessory!

Leah said...

My kids have all gone through sunglass-obsessed stages. The problem is that because we take them EVERYWHERE we seem to lose and/or break them at an alarming rate... LOL

Maya is just darling in her shades!

bleeding espresso said...

That is so adorable. My niece went through that phase too...thank goodness for dollar stores ;)

Norma-ann at The Mommy Project. said...

Too Cute!! Jamie would be very envious of that fantastic collection.

Kellan said...

She is super cool - of course she needs her shades!!! She is a doll baby!

Have a good Mother's Day - see you soon - Kellan

Angela said...