Sunday, May 25, 2008


It's that time in the service when the children gather at church. I'm in the back pew, but my two little angels are up at the front. Maya wearing her turquoise blue butterfly sunglasses and attempting very hard to ignore the Minister and Abby sitting with her friends eager to take part. The Minister is talking about giving our worries to God and asks the kids what kinds of things we worry about. Abby's arm shoots up in the air and I am interested, but wary, about what's going to come out of her mouth.

Finally Margot calls on her and she says.......

When I yawn I'm worried that my mouth will explode.

And as if we hadn't given them enough to laugh about, this is what Maya HAD to wear to church today....



Yes those are worries.
I do hope it doesn't explode.

Oh, little Maya looks completely adorable. I love her outfit. Did someone make those gloves?

Exploding mouth?!?1 Oh, dear.
All dressed up for church!! Great outfit :)

*and to answer your question: I was expecting a little "more" from the grey's finale. I'm not sure what i was wanting, but overall it was good. And the Alex storyline brought a tear to my eye! How did you like it?
Maya looks like a muppet! The gloves cap it off. Your girl can accessorize for sure.
Oh, and...

Angela - yes, apparently it is. Who knew?

Normie - nope, they were a gift from somebody. They look knitted in the picture, but they're really just fleece.

Melissa - I did like it, but I thought the Derek/Meredith thing was a little too easy. As for Alex, he's never been a character I paid much attention to, but I thought he was great in the finale.

Renae - they both love the accessories.

Normie - thanks for the tag.
Your girl seems to do accessories like mine!! And I totally know that feeling where you are wondering what they are going to say next, morbid curosity, since most of the time it isn't something you really wanted to come out! :)