Sunday, June 08, 2008

the official launch

Well I did it. Today is the day my Etsy shop goes live. I only have two items currently listed, but today didn't go quite like I had planned it. That quiet time during Maya's nap I thought I would have to set it up somehow evaporated. It's funny how that happens once kids appear in the picture.
So I have opened shop with my beaded bookmarks that I love to death. Grandma Sandi had given me one for Christmas and I feel in love with it. It is seriously the best bookmark I have ever used. I never misplace it. It never falls out of my book. The kids don't bother with it. Simply perfect. In the future you can probably expect some knitting. You all know how I love to knit scarves. Oh and watch for more bookmarks.

And hey, since you're heading over there anyway, why not stop by my lovely friend Karen's (Virtually There) shop too. She's a beautiful knitter.


Kaci said...

Way cool!! :)

just me said...

It is the best bookmark! Thanks Shan!

renae du jour said...

That's awesome. Etsy looks really cool, and your bookmarks are terrific.

Karen said...

Those are beautiful, Shan! I'm definitely going to order some from you for stocking stuffers this year.

Thanks for the plug by the way! I just finished an eggplant hat and it is so cute. I'll send you a picture. (I sold it offline so it won't appear on my Etsy site until I knit another one).

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to get my bookmark!!

Shan said...

Kaci - thanks.

Mom - You're welcome. I'm glad you liked it.

Renae - Thanks so much.

Karen - thanks, I'm looking forward to seeing the picture. The watermelon one is so cute!

Suze! Loving you! I hope you like it!