Saturday, June 21, 2008

shattered goals

I am home. I am tired. Wait, make that exhausted. I am headed to bed for a few hours, but first I had to tell you, last night was one incredible night. Expectations were exceeded all over the place. Wow! What a feeling.


I'm so glad to hear it all went well, and was better than expected. I'll look forward to hearing the details after you've gotten some rest! HUGS
Way to go girl!
YOU ROCK!!! I am doing one next weekend, with not nearly the planning, but praying that God will still bring us lots of donations for the cause!
glad all went well, i didnt know u were off friday....
Woohooooooo! Awesome!!!!!!
Leah - thanks for the hugs!

Normie - thanks :)

Betsy - Good Luck!

Darlene - oops, thought you did.

BE - Thanks!