Monday, June 23, 2008

spreading the linky love #18

Maybe I should keep this to myself since I want to win this one, but Julie over at Abbily Ever After is having a contest and she's giving away popcorn. Maybe not a big deal to you, but popcorn is on the very short list of foods Maya is wiling to eat.

Dave is back safe and sound from playing movie maker in western Canada, but not before crossing paths with just one more bear which prompted the following funny conversation with Abby during prayer the other night......

Me: Let's say a special prayer that Uncle Dave stays safe on his trip. He's out west making a movie in the forest remember?
Abby: Yeah, I heard about that.
Me: Well he saw a bear in the forest yesterday.
Abby: Is he dead?

So Leah is off doing the guest blogging thing at my crazy castle and I highly recommend you go check out the shower cake she's blogging about over there.

Another new to me blog I've been enjoying - Two Little Feet


Julie said...

I won! Sorry to steal the popcorn from you. Marty is such popcorn lover that I couldn't give up the chance. So I thank you for the suggestion. And I'll make sure that Marty knows how it came to pass that he gets a great popcorn package in the mail in the next week!

Shan said...

Glad you won Julie! Enjoy the popcorn!