Wednesday, July 02, 2008

happy birthday


It was a quiet Canada Day for us this year. Probably because it was our last day of holidays, which is never a fun day. We managed to drag ourselves out of bed in time to see the Canada Day parade in the little town next door to ours. It's not my favourite parade, no that distinct honour goes to the Cactus Festival Parade and my old man band with the super short shorts.


And The Abster's hat, didn't I tell you it was killer? Now, as she tells me, she can be a cowgirl and a princess at the same time.


And little My Py, isn't she a doll? With both her fingers jammed up her nose. Oh well at least she's drawing attention away from the zit on my chin.


Norma-ann at The Mommy Project. said...

Stylin'! The kids look fabulous and festive and you even remembered to bring chairs (red no less). Impressive.

We sat on the grass and got wet bums.


Happy Canada Day!

renae du jour said...

Oh, the nose picking. What can you do? Laura routinely jams her fingers up her nose and I try to dissuade her without drawing too much attention to it. I read a blog in which the writer said nose pickers obviously have nose picking parents. I don't think that woman has kids.

Leah said...

sounds like a fun day, all in all! The princess/cowgirl hat is VERY similar to the one Em's been eye-balling at Target for WEEKS now.

Shan said...

Normie - Dude, you should have hooked up with us. We would have shared our chairs. Then now wet bums!

Renae - hahaha I think you're right.

Leah - Wow, they have shoes and hats in common! It's fun Mike actually tried for half a second to talk her out of it before saying, "what am I talking about, she'll wear it all the time!" And tonight she wore it while riding her bike... under her helmet!