Friday, August 01, 2008

almost there

Don't worry I haven't deserted you. I've just been busy going blurry eyed over this dvd project for Darlene. The one with the two day deadline. Oh and did I mention Abby is leaving for a week (ack! will miss her so much!) at the cottage with Granny? So we've been preparing for that as well. Not a single second for myself this week, but since I'm handing the completed project over to Darlene tomorrow morning and Abby is off with my Mom by lunchtime tomorrow as well, my schedule just got cleared. And I just may celebrate by hitting the hay by 8:30 tomorrow night.


darlene said...

Did I mention I Loved you?....Thanks Shan you are the BEST!!!

Leah said...

good luck, and try to enjoy your time while Abby is away. I can't imagine being apart from one of my kids that long. I'll bet she has a fabulous time, though!

Shan said...

darlene - it's come up a few times! Love you too!

leah - i talked to her on the phone this morning and she said she was missing me, but having such a good time. By the time she gets back it will be 8 days. They left a day early to stay at my brother's place. This will be longest I've been without her. Last year she only went for 5 days.