Friday, August 22, 2008

girls night

Ever since Grandma Linda and I took Abby to see the Backyardigans she has been enthralled with the idea of girls night. So I promised her we'd do another one soon. And somehow soon turned into months and months even though all the girls night supplies were stored in our cupboard taunting Abby. But she waited, sometimes impatiently, for Girls Night which I was attempting to organize with The Mommy Project and her girls. Finally we worked it out.

The entire day was agony for Abby. Are they coming yet? When are they coming? How many hours do I have to wait? Are the still coming? Is it after dinner yet? Finally we got down to the last half hour at which point Abby was just barely staying in her skin. To kill the time I had her get the table ready for girls night. I had picked up wooden butterflies for the girls to decorate. So Abby put one out for everybody taking the time to label each kids name on the back. Then she organized the paints, stickers and other decoration bits. And then finally her guests arrived.

The girls had a great time painting and decorating their butterflies. Just check out the finished project.


And now Abby's asking when the next one will be.


Kristina said...

What fun! They all look pretty pleased with those butterflies. That was a great idea! I think a girl's any a necessary part of life. Sometimes we need to just get together without any boys to do the things we love to do and not get any grief about it. "You're going to paint butterflies?"

Yes. Yes I am. And you're not invited...

Norma-ann at The Mommy Project said...

The girls and I had a great time: thank-you so much for hosting and coming up with the great idea. I'm gonna' have to try to come up with something cool next and you can bring Abby and Maya the meantime...I hope you guys will make it to Widney Wednesday!!!!!

p.s.!! :)

Melissa said...

What cute butterflies!

Leah said...

what a FUN afternoon and CUTE project!! Looks like everyone had a fantastic time. mommy projects girls are BEAUTIFUL and I'm blown away at how similar they looks. My kids look nothing alike (in my opinion) and your little beauties dont' look a thing a like either.

Kaci said...

How fun they look like they all had a great time!