Monday, August 18, 2008

so lucky to have them

Yesterday was our 12th anniversary and we had zero plans beyond the promise of a dollar store shopping spree with the girls. To be fair Mike was supposed to work, but he ended up with a cancellation and we had already made plans for a romantic getaway for Monday night. I'm there right now. Having an awesome time, wish you were here!

And then Robin called, could they stop by? And somehow that snowballed into me cooking dinner for 10. Apparently after 12 years Mike and I still need to work on our communication skills. It was all good though. I made one of my favourite meals, drunken chicken, baked beans, mac and cheese, corn bread and a salad. Just like that our quiet little day turned into one big party! And I couldn't have picked better people to mark the occasion with.

When it came to picking our honour attendants for our wedding it really was a no brainer. And I can't tell you how wonderful it is that we're even closer now then we were 12 years ago when they stood up with us on that sweltering August day. The four of us have seen each other through the births of 6 babies, the loss of parents and grandparents, birthdays, new jobs, illness, surgeries, hospital stays, Godparenting, anniversaries, trials, tribulations, joys, sorrows, and more laughs then anybody has a right to. They supported us then and continue to support us now.


Thanks guys for making our anniversary a celebration!


Leah said...

What a neat thing to still be in close contact with those who were with you in your wedding!!! Unfortunately, Dan and I can't say the same thing of ours. We've just all kind of gone seperate ways over the years...

Kaci said...

That's so awesome! Congrats again!

Angela said...

It is great that you are still so close

Glad you had a great anni