Thursday, August 07, 2008

who would have thought

A couple of weeks ago Abby attended Vacation Bible School at our church thanks to Papa rearranging his schedule so he could take her. This year the theme was Walking With Jesus. And really if you're going to walk with Jesus you need to dress the part.


Made from cardboard and leather laces. Abby put them on for this picture, took one step in them and said, "these aren't comfortable at all!"


Cristan said...

Oh I vividly remember the Jesus sandals! haha! And trying to get my mom to let me wear them in public!

Leah said...

That's a cute project for the kids though! I'll bet a lot of kids thought those were GRAND

Betsy said...

I'm sure Jesus said the same thing!! :)

Renae said...

Hmm... I never had the pleasure of Jesus sandals, but would have worn the heck out of them if I did.
Yes, Jesus wore cardboard.

Widney Woman said...

LOL!! That is cute!