Friday, September 05, 2008

eat well save more giveaway

Not long ago I was contacted by a nice man who works for a PR firm. He was wondering if I would be interested in spreading the word on a new initiative from Loblaws. I didn't have to think about it for very long before I said yes. I realize many people see these kinds of posts as selling out, but that's not a theory I subscribe too and I'll tell you why.

Everything these days seems to be getting more expensive while my paycheque pathetically stays the same. We've seen increases in the price of gas, flour and many other everyday staples. At the same time we are being bombarded with endless promises from items on the grocery store shelf all in an effort to move some of our hard earned money from our pocket to theirs. Which is fine, I understand how business works, but it's hard to know what is a good value for your dollar. Lets take laundry detergent, for example, aren't all their commercials pretty much the same regardless of which brand you're talking about. They show identically dirty clothes one to be washed in the "other guy" one to be washed in their super fabulous detergent and the results are always the same. The "other guy's" never do come clean do they? So who can you believe when they're all promising you the same thing?

Now this is where I think this sort of thing comes in handy. Bloggers being offered opportunities to spread the word. I know when I find a great new product that does what it promises I tell everyone and their Uncle. Likewise if I stumble across a great deal. Some of you are used to my "hey they have boxes of 209 freezies on clearance for $2" type of emails. Saving money, especially at the grocery store, takes a bit of leg work so I try to spread the word around whenever I can.

Which brings me back around to the new Eat Well Save More program at Loblaws, Zehrs, Fortinos, Loblaw's Great Food, Your Independent Grocer and Loblaw's Superstore. The premise is simple, they're lowering and locking prices on items we buy regularly. They were nice enough to share with me a gift basket of summer essentials like Ocean Spray Cranberry Cocktail, Kraft Salad Dressing, Diana's Gourmet barbecue sauce, Jello, and Tostitos which came packaged in one of their reusable plastic shopping bins. Something I'm looking forward to using on my next shopping trip.

As of July 29th of this year Loblaw's has locked and lowered prices on over 1,000 items that we buy regularly. A quick look through the Fortinos flyer I got today has a whole page devoted to Eat Well Save More products and the savings are significant.
  • Save a dollar on Glad force flex or kitchen catcher garbage bags or windex/fantastik or becel/imperial margarine or President's Choice bottled water (24X500ml).
  • $1.30 on Electrasol dishwasher detergent
  • $0.40 on Tetley tea
  • $1.80 on Scotties tissues (6 pack)
  • $0.30 on McCain French Fires
  • $2.00 on McCain Slow Cooker Solutions
  • $0.90 on So Good Soy beverages
Products involved in the Eat Well Save More program can be found in the store, obviously, but also by checking out your flyer. Either the paper version or you can view it online using the links above. And in addition to these great prices this weekend (Spetember 5th - 7th) they will pay the tax for even more savings. Again, all the information regarding that is available on their websites. Now the people who are experienced in the ways of frugal shopping will be combining the no tax weekend with the Eat Well Save More program and with any coupons they can for really incredible savings. Even without the coupons it's an opportunity to make a dent in the grocery bill and who doesn't like that?

Now remember that lovely gift basket I told you about? The one in the reusable shopping basket? Well they've actually given me two. One for me and one for one of you with a stipulation. This giveaway is open to only those of you living in Ontario where the Loblaws family calls home. What do you have to do to enter? Leave me a comment telling me what your grocery shopping strategy is. Mention the Eat Well Save More giveaway on your blog (and let me know about it) for an extra entry. Oh and for you folks creeping by on facebook (Hi Tracy and Heather), leave a comment over there and I'll throw your name into the hat as well. Abby will draw the winner for Monday night's linky love. So have your comments and/or links into me by Monday September 8th, 8 PM EST. Good Luck!!

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Norma-ann at The Mommy Project said...

Ohhh...good for you! You are so connected!! :-0

my stategy is (da-da-da-dahhhh)...
going to the grocery store with a shopping LIST. Now, that may sound kind of simple and it may seem like a bit of a no-brainer...but I have always been a "shop by the seat of my pants" kinda' gal. I've started going with a list and I find this keeps me on track and prevents me from shopping in those dreaded middle aisles too much.