Wednesday, September 10, 2008

rock and roller

We're at the sitter's picking up the kids. Maya is getting in the van and Abby is walking up the driveway from the bus stop. When she gets close enough she hands me her backpack. I am surprised at the weight of it. It seems too heavy for a first grader. I wonder what she could possibly have in there and I say to her...

What have you got in here, rocks?

Without missing a beat she looks back at me and answers..... For the driveway.

I chuckle to myself. And pat myself on the back a little bit. I marvel at her comedic timing. What a wonderfully witty little girl I'm raising here.

And then we get home.....


It was no joke. She had loaded up one of the outer pockets of her backpack with rocks from the playground at school. I call her over to ask her why. She looks at me as if I've suddenly grown another head and says, again, They're for the driveway!

She heads back to her toys and I head out to the driveway with backpack in hand. Both of us shaking our heads. Once outside I empty the backpack of it's stones and head back instead, but the bag still doesn't feel right. Remember this is the uber fancy backpack with all the bells and whistles. After some searching I find.....


And now everyday she gets off the bus, hands up, saying... I promise Mom, no more rocks!


That's awesome. Clearly she thinks your driveway is in need of some help. That's too funny.

Good thing your driveway isn't paved!
Haha!! A backpack full of rocks, eh?? Maybe she will grow up to be a landscape designer someday.....
LOL!!!! I swear to you, Abby and Emily would get along soooo well! Emily brought home rocks on several occassions last year, but thankfully, it was just one palm-sized rock or two at a time. LOL!!!

That's so funny she was bringing home rocks for the driveway. LOL!
I'm betting you may have a future geologist on your hands!! And just be thankful the rocks were for the driveway. My husband brings home rocks, too, but he wants to put them on display in the living room! Sometimes, he even pays a lot of money for those rocks. I'm trying to steer him in the direction of precious gems, but he'd rather deal with dirty old boring plain jane rocks.
Karen - Mike figures if it was paved maybe she'd stop bringing rocks home. I think he's just angling for a paved driveway.

Valarie - hahaha, maybe.

Leah - I wish it was only one or two. When she came back from the cottage this summer she brought two sand pails full of them. I blame Granny for that one.... she let her hahaha.

Kristina - so you're telling me this is only the beginning?

Betsey - she's one funny kid.