Thursday, September 10, 2009

you capture - never before

This past weekend Mike and I took in the Paris fair sans kids, but with ML and T. The Paris Fair is ML's "home fair", the one she started volunteering at (and still does). We were kid free so we could check out Canadian country music cutie Shane Yellowbird in concert. Being at the fair without the kids allowed me to play around with my camera and snap pictures of things I'd never taken pictures of before. Just in time for this week's.....



Speaking of Canadian cutie, Shane Yellowbird, here he is. Okay I have to admit, I didn't actually take this picture. ML used her fair connections and got someone down in front of the stage to snap these for me.


There was a diving group performing there. Very interesting to watch. Here's the entire team diving at the same time.


Get your belt buckles here!


Maybe a hat to go with that buckle?


Then we'll have a caramel apple.


With our lime green baboon.

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Saj said...

These captures are quintessential fair shots! I love the hanging monkeys!

~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

Great fair shots, love the monkeys :)

Lynn said...

These are great pics...I especially like the one of the divers.

I've been thinking of doing You Capture for a while now, but every time I pick up my camera to take a picture of something other than the kids, I feel like a total poseur. So I'll keep thinking about it :).

Goofball said...

wowers for the divers!!!

septembermom said...

I like the pink hats and the baboons. Great photos!

rebekah said...

the diving pic is awesome!

Life with Kaishon said...

I love your pictures. It made me want to go out and find a fair to visit right this instant : ) Sweet! And those apples look delish!