Monday, October 12, 2009

happy thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends out there. And now I'll wrap up this holiday weekend with what I am thankful for....

My Michael. Even if he wasn't home one single night this past week. He let me nap this afternoon, so I'd say we're even. Also he picked up some corn stalks, hay bales and pumpkins to make our front porch look all Halloweenie.

My girls! They gave me a run for my money at the mall yesterday, but today to make up for it... they played quietly together all day with nary a fight between them. I'm just going to mark that one down on the calendar.

Our parents, somehow I managed to see all of the parents this weekend. A rare occurence indeed.

That we have jobs and a house and our health.

That Abby has finally started making the trek to the bathroom in the middle of the night all by herself.

For The Office marathon that was on this afternoon. Even better there were minimal commercials. And they showed one of my favourite episodes - when Michael ran Meredith over with his car which resulted in the fun run for Rabies. Genius. Although I was disappointed I slept through my other favourite episode, which was Michael's deposition. Even still I watched a lot of The Office today! Awesome Blossom, extra awesome.

What are you thankful for?


Kaci said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Thankful for finding awesome bloggy friends!! XOXO =)

Wood Water Garden said...

I like your pictures of apples, harvest fruit.

Shan said...

Kaci - I'm always thankful for that.

Wood - thanks for stopping by!