Monday, October 26, 2009

jenga photo shoot

Last week before Uncle Dave and his pal Julio headed back up North, Abby talked them both into a game of Jenga. Turns out Uncle Dave had never played Jenga before and I think he was surprised to find out how much fun it was. And hanging with photogs means someone is always snapping pictures.




I love this picture of Abby. Every now and then I'll catch her sitting like this. Julio snapped these and I love his record of that morning playing Jenga. I love the way he edited the pictures. He's such a talented guy, you have no idea.

And then he shot this...... which I love more than I can say. Maya is such a complex little girl with such huge emotions and this one photo perfectly sums up my three year old My-Pie. It might not be true a year or six years from now, but it is a completely perfect representation of this point in her life.


And despite the look of utter disgust on her face, I smile every time I look at it.


Betsy said...

That last one is ADORABLE!! I love it!

Julie said...

maya pic is incredible. and i bet abby loves the blue in her hair, the little fashionista that she is.

Mommy Project said...

Very nice. I really love the pic. of your brother. He looks like a totally cool dude. I love the kind of old fashioned feel to all the photos.

Leah said...

wow, if Maya isn't a clone of Connor (expression-wise). I would be very very afraid for them to ever meet up and join forces.