Wednesday, October 28, 2009

parenting fail

A long time ago I told Abby that the icing sugar on her pancakes was actually pixie dust to avoid a meltdown at the restaurant we were having breakfast at. not long ago we were out for breakfast with the kids and when Abby ordered pancakes the waitress asked if she'd like icing sugar on them. Abby had idea what she was talking about so I turned to The Abster and asked if she'd like pixie dust on her pancakes. She said she did and when the waitress walked away she said to me...

I know that's not really pixie dust on my pancakes.

Why don't you think it's pixie dust?

Because after I eat it I can't fly.

So first off, she's figuring me out. I'm either going to have to knock it off with the little "white lies" or get better at it.

Secondly and more alarming... she's trying to fly?! I can only hope it involved standing on the ground and flapping her arms really hard.

Yeah, I'm awesome!


Karen said...

That's awesome. Her reasoning is classic. My cousin tried jumping off the roof to see if she could be like Mary Poppins. Luckily her mother walked out the door just before she took the plunge, umbrella in hand. Her brothers were egging her on of course.

Leah said...

okay, my mind never went anywhere near "She's trying to fly?!?" until you mentioned it, and then I had to laugh right out loud! LOL!!

Such a cute story all around. It's sad when the "fun/cute" little white lies stop working, or aren't worth trying any longer.

Betsy said...

That is too funny!!

Julie said...

i always wonder if max is going to try and fly one day. he loves "flying" with his blanky tied around his neck.

so fascinating when their brains start to fire more synapses.