Thursday, October 08, 2009

you capture - red

This week's you capture prompt was red. And since Granny and I took the girl apple picking this week there was lots of red to take pictures of.







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Leah said...

it would be fun to take one of those last two and turn it to b/w except for the red of the apples... or maybe not, but I would be compelled to try it out in photoshop. LOL

Kaci said...

BEAUTIFUL! I love it!! Can't wait to go to the pumpkin patch and apple picking this weekend!! WOO HOO! TGIF!

Goofball said...

beautiful (although I usually don't like red appels a lot). Which type of appels are those? they don't look familiar to me.

Unknown said...

Red apples are PERFECT for this weeks challenge! I love all of your pictures. Especially the second one. It is so beautiful!

Sarah said...

What lovely images of cool and crisp redness! I wish we had some orchards nearby!

Shan said...

Leah - I just need a few more hours in the day to do all these fun things, but yes that would be great.

Kaci - Thanks! Have fun at the pumpkin patch!

Goofball - Those are Courtland apples.

Life - thanks very much for stopping by!

Sarah - We are surrounded by them out here and yet this is the first year we've ever gone.