Thursday, October 22, 2009

you capture - technology

This week's you cature prompt was technology and I have to admit I was far from hyped up about it when I read that. I couldn't think of anything more boring that taking pictures of my cell phone (which is not an iPhone). Turns out it was more fun than I thought.



I know it's a horse, and not technology as such, but can you imagine the technological break through that occurred when bridles, halters and removable lead lines were invented? Abby is now taking private riding lessons at a new stable, this is Moose, he was just hanging out waiting for the next class.






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Goofball said...

Your pictures of the horses and old switches are indeed much more interesting & intriguing than the obvious telephone one

Prairie Lady said...

Great job.
I agree little things like a bridle would have been revolutionary.
And love your self portrait!

Julie said...

the scissors are my favorite. it's a great shot. and kudos swinging the early tech advances of the bridle and bit.

Heather... said...

I'm totally curious about what you're whipping up in that mixing bowl. A fantastic bit of technology... although I was always amazed how my grandma could whip potatoes by hand and never have a lump. She looked just like that mixer picture!

Mommy Project said...

I love the self-portrait one! Although...the mixer one makes me wonder what you were making, too. I'm gonna' guess cake.

Leah said...

It really is amazing how far we've come technologically speaking, in really a rather short period of time! I was recently reading the history of my town, which has really only been around for about 160 years, and even some stuff as recently as 50 years ago in this town was so "archaic" sounding. LOL Emily recently discovered that most people didn't have computers in their homes when I was a kid and she was SHOCKED! "HOW DID YOU DO RESEARCH THEN???" LOL!!!!!

Your pics are awesome. Way to think outside the box on that horse one...

Alice said...

well, Moose is by far the coolest "technology" thing i've seen posted thus far! great choice :O)

i didn't post this week, but feel free to come on over anytime and visit me in The Shadow of the Cross :O).