Monday, November 23, 2009

happy birthday heazer

So today is the lovely Heather's birthday! And even though she went off and left us I'm still going to share with you the 26 things I love about her...

1. She is the first official jammie movie night member. Jammie movie night was born after she came over to watch Twilight with me and I warned her I'd likely be in my jammies. She said if I was going to wear mine she was going to wear hers. And the rest, as they say, is history.
2. She is 100% Team Edward.
3. She lent me her Twilight books to read and I am so grateful she did.
4. She is also 100% Team Kate.
5. She makes some kick ass Super Nachoes.
6. For movie night she made them without meat because The Mommy Project is going veggie again.
7. She is an all-star facebook creeper.
8. She usually arrives to visit here with some little treat for the girls. Odds are.... it's chocolate.
9. Her dog Homer is the cutest thing evah! And she spoils him rotten.
10. She has fantastic hair.
11. She has an iphone (oh wait that one of the reasons I'm jealous of her!)
12. She once told me a story that began..... This is so embarrassing I'm not even sure why I'm telling you this but...
13. She recycles.
14. She's joined us for family game night.
15. She popped in a couple of weeks ago just because she had some time to kill... she could have gone shopping.
16. She is a champion shopper.
17. Even still she managed to go an entire month without setting foot into WalMart.
18. She is a funny funny girl. Some of my biggest laughs in the past year have been with her.
19. She's taken care of my facebook farm for me.
20. She makes killer rice krispie treats!
21. Our first date was to the American Idol concert. We big red puffy heart Danny Gokey!
22. She texts me while we are watching our favourite TV shows like Idol and The Office.
23. She's been known to leave me little surprises in the suggestion box.
24. She's really embraced all my friends that have joined us for jammie movie night.
25. She loves my cookies.
26. Her favaourite word is vagina.

Happy birthday my friend! xo


Heather said...

YAY!!!! I totally teared up reading that! I love you!! :)

Kaci said...

Happy Birthday Heather!

Mommy Project said...

Happy Birthday to Heather, Jamie James's new best friend. :) That girl does totally rock the cool, yo.

Leah said...

Happy Birthday Heather. You sound like a GREAT friend and a very FUN person to hang out with!!!