Thursday, November 05, 2009

putting me in my place since 2002

Abby and I were walking back home last Saturday night after crashing the Mommy Project's evening of wine and visiting with her family when I stopped, dead in my tracks, just a few feet from her driveway.

Why did you stop? The ever logical Abby asked me.

Well I had stopped because I'd heard loud, very likely drunken voices, coming from the little street that runs behind our house. I just wasn't sure if I was hearing angry drunken voices or just your run of the mill drunken voices. I'm not really sure why it mattered, except it was getting late on Halloween night, the streets were deserted, but pumpkins still glowed from front porches.... at the time it seemed like information I should have while walking home in the dark with a seven year old.

What I told Abby was this..... Oh I was just trying to hear those people talking.

Well that's inappropriate.

Really?! My seven year just told me I was inappropriate? Are you kidding?

It's inappropriate? I asked her.

Yes, it's inappropriate to listen to other people's secrets. We should just walk home and not listen.

And so we did.


Kaci said...

LOL was your daughter calling snoopy? :) You were just concerned for others saftey! HA!

Julie said...

well, there you have. you're conscious is now walking and talking and right beside you in the flesh, at all times.

can't wait.

Goofball said...

she has good manners :)