Monday, January 04, 2010

remember to remind me

Somebody please remind me of the following for next Christmas:

We need new lights. Our tree looked ridiculous this year because all the lights that worked when we carefully packed them in the box last year only half of them worked when we pulled them out this year. What in the heck goes on in the top of the closet over the course of 11 months?

A nine foot tree is too tall. Sure it looks small out in the middle of a tree farm, but having to decorate it with a step ladder is a bit of a pain in the arse. And lets not even start talking about getting a nine foot tree back out the front door without the wrapping it came in with.

Also a short needle tree.... let's try long next year. I have 30 tons of short pine needles all over my living room. I think the long needle trees hold their needles better or am I completely off the wall.

Oh and while having four trees up and decorated in your house seems like a good idea at the end of November..... by the beginning of January it will rank up there with the worst ideas you've ever had. Trust me.

Do you have all your holiday cheer packed away and if so would you like to come and help me put away mine?


Karen said...

Our tree and a few other decorations came down on Jan 2. I like to have it up for NY Day but then it's out the door. I still have to take the lights down outside - maybe a project for this afternoon.

Wow, four trees... you're a Christmas guru. I stick with one - it was our biggest this year since the ceilings here are higher than our house in Ottawa. Next year, back to puny.

Goofball said...

nope, the decorations never go before epiphany (jan 6). It was christmas vacation until yesterday so we are still in the holidays the return to work is hard. ouch ouch.

by the next weekend the holiday spirit will probably be far behind me and then the tree will go

Julie said...

clearing it away tonight as soon as the jellybean is in bed. i like putting it up and enjoy it while it's there, but now the tiny house is feeling really tiny and i need to take some space back.