Sunday, February 07, 2010

a funny thing happened watching the super bowl

Remember back in July when I posted that picture of our buddy Jake helping Kevin Costner line up his putt at a celebrity golf tournament? I said at the time it couldn't of happened to a nicer kid who comes from a really great family. His Dad is my online BFF and his Mom is one of my jammie movie night Jersey Girls. And his sister is a kick ass Pictionary player who helped us destroy the guys at games night. Just fantastic people that we are so glad we got to meet, all thanks to ML, who happens to be Jake's Aunt.

So we're at ML and T's tonight, just hanging out. They had the superbowl on, but I wasn't truly watching it. I had brought my knitting with me... I know, I am such a Grandma, but ML asked me to knit her a scarf and I wanted her opinion on the wool I picked out for it. She loved it, by the way. Anyway we're... or they're watching the game and I think Jake's Mom and I were discussing the scarf, or trying to at least, from opposite ends of the room when ML yells out... Hey that's Jake!! I'm serious I just saw Jake!

And she did see him, in the middle of a promo for the Olympics. It was some footage of the crowd in Jake's hometown when the torch went by and there was Jake waving his Canadian flag. Here's a screen shot.


You can watch the entire promo here. Jake pops up at the 1:01 mark. And once again, it couldn't of happened to a nicer kid.




Goofball said...

how fun