Friday, February 12, 2010

I fully admit that I enjoy TV. I do have a lot of "must see" shows, but I balance the guilt I feel about that fact by knitting scarves for a local shelter while I'm watching. Everybody wins that way. Know what else I love? Owning my favourite TV shows on dvd. It's not even so much about the extras, although they are nice and can be a lot of fun to see the behind the scenes stuff. For the record, the Seinfeld discs have the best extras. Future TV shows should be taking a page from that book. No, what I truly love about watching a series on dvd is you get a much better appreciation for a great show when you can watch it all at once, rather than waiting a week at a time. I tend to notice all the little things I missed the first time around, specifically little story threads that can arc over several episodes I tend not to notice.

So for this week's Friday High Five - The shows I most want to own on dvd. These are shows I think will only get better with concentrated viewing.

1. The Office. Sure I have seasons 1 and 2, but they all the way up to season 6 now. Having watched the first two seasons at once I have to say I've found lots I didn't catch the first time around with secondary characters like Creed, Meredith and Toby.

2. Modern Family. Okay so I know this show hasn't even completed it's first season yet, but boy I can't wait for it to be out on dvd. This show is in the same vein as The Office, meaning it's wickedly funny. The family in the show is deliciously dysfunctional, but still they manage to be likeable. I say Cam is my favourite character and then I remember Phil. And Mitch. And Manny, who could be the funniest kid in sitcom history.

3. Sex and the City. I show I like, but have watched only sporadically, so there's lots of episodes I haven't seen. I have the first three seasons, but am waiting until I acquire the rest before diving in. Once I start watching, I want to be able to watch the whole series.

4. Grey's Anantomy. Another show I got in late on. I'd like to go back to the beginning and see how the story got to where it is now. I have season 1 so far.

5. Glee. And yet another show I wish I'd watched from the beginning. I'm not sure why I didn't. I do love a good musical. Can't wait for new episodes to be on.

What are some of your favourite shows?

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Lynn said...

We recently got hooked on Modern Family and hoo boy, HILARITY. It makes me laugh and laugh and laugh. I can't wait to get caught up on the episodes we missed (we, ahem, *acquired* them from the internet).

We watched every single episode of SATC on DVD with another couple we know -- they bought them, then they'd come over about once a month and we'd watch four or five episodes over chocolate cake. It was awesomely social and totally worth it -- even the men enjoyed it a lot.

On my wish list is season one of Veronica Mars (absolute TV perfection) and the complete series of Pushing Daisies (maybe my most favourite show ever). I already own seasons 1 to 3 of Buffy but more Buffy is always welcome :).

Julie said...

SATC is great. I think I'd want Friends. I can watch those over and over and over again. and they don't seem to be in as much syndication anymore, so I am starting to miss them.

Lynn, the hubby "acquired" all of the Buffy seasons for me last Christmas. Love love love that show. I've gotten to season 4. I took a break to watch True Blood. Another good one to watch all at once.

Oooh, West Wing! Battlestar Gallactica! We are starting Rome. Only watched one episode so far. I'll let you know if it's any good.

Modern Family is awesome. Have you seen Community? Just as laugh outloud funny. Looks like the sitcom if making a comeback and I couldn't be happier!

Happy TV watching!

Goofball said...

do you watch the American The Office? I like the BBC version the best, it's weird to watch its American copy. We do own the BBC DVD's

I've heard of Glee but we can't see it (yet) . Never heard of Modern Family either, but I'm sure we'll get it on our channels in 5 years or so dugh.

I think we also own Grey's Anatomy. My husband loves it, but i've never seen one episode so far :p. He used to watch it on the train when he commuted between Brussels - London UK.

We currently really really enjoy The Big Bang Theory. At the moment that's my favourite show! They've just started to broadcast it in Belgium but we also have them on DVD.