Friday, March 02, 2012

friday high five - sports movies

Tonight Mike and I settled in to watch Moneyball. I thought it was a good movie, very enjoyable. I'm not sure it was amazing, but still very well made. Now I'm not a sports fan exactly, but I love sports movies and five of my favourites are.....

1. Jerry Maguire - I watched this not long ago, over Christmas maybe and it's still as good as the first time. Johnathon Lipnicki is still adorable, the "you complete me" ending still makes me tear up and Cuba Gooding Jr had me shouting at Mike to "show me the money" for days afterwards.

2.Field of Dreams - No self respecting best of sports films list would leave this movie off it's list. It's Kevin Costner's best movie.

3. Seabiscuit - I was mesmerized by this movie and the book. What a story! I always love a "true" story.

4. We Are Marshall - Oh this movie gutted me like a fish. I'm not a huge Matthew McConaughey fan, but he acted the hell out of this movie.

5. A League of Their Own = One of my favourite Tom Hanks movies. And come on, who amongst hasn't worked, there's no crying in baseball into every day conversation? I know I have.

What are your favourite sports movies?

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Lynn said...

This is a great list - I especially love Jerry Maguire, too. Our family favourites include Bull Durham and Tin Cup, and because my husband is into cycling, a cheesy forgotten film from the 80s called American Flyers, also starring Kevin Costner. I guess we're Kevin fans here!