Monday, April 16, 2012

on top of spaghetti

After weeks and weeks of all the questions marks, Saturday finally arrived. What's the big deal about Saturday, you ask?

Well.... after successfully achieving Dream Team status at the Relay for Life last year (Dream Team = equals over $3000 in donations and 30 luminaries sold) we decided we wanted to be a Dream Team again. Last year we all raised funds individually, which meant begging a lot of people to sponsor our walk. Don't worry I'm still going to be bugging you for cash, but this year we decided to add another layer to our fundraising and do some group projects. Our first one was this past Saturday, a spaghetti dinner.


That's where the 500 meatballs and 12kg of pasta come in.


Luckily for us, two of our Jersey Girls had done pasta dinners before, so we weren't totally in the dark.


Even still I was a little nervous. Would people actually show up? More importantly, would enough people show up? They did and I am happy to report it came off without a hitch..... except for when I burnt my hand, but even still hands (HA!) down one of the easiest fundraisers I have ever done. I love my Jersey Girls to the moon and back. They all worked their tails off. We were a busy, but well oiled machine that fed 100+ people.

Yes we worked hard, but we also laughed lots and got to squee over our newest Junior Jersey...


I, personally, accepted lots of hugs and compliments on our behalf. I tried to make the rounds to everyone to thank them for coming out to support us. If you were there and I missed you, my apologies, but please know it meant the world to us to have you there for our very first Jersey Girls spaghetti supper. A night like this is good for the soul, it makes you feel the love. I am so very proud of my best girls and what we accomplished together!


So what did we accomplish? Over $700 towards our goal of $3,000 and 32 luminaries, two more than our goal of 30! Thanks to some generous personal donations The Jersey Girls have $1,000 raised so far. One third of the way there.

If you'd like to help us be a Dream Team you can sponsor me here.

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