Sunday, April 29, 2012

sunday randoms

This weekend can only be described as awesome sauce! I say that even though Michael has a head cold and y'all know what it's like living with a man with a head cold!! I'd rather deal with both kids puking at the same time then that.... am I right ladies?

So despite the head cold we did get out garage saling.... or is it saleing? We went to some garage sales... that will work. I was a little at a loss at what to look for since book shopping is kinda sorta off my list now that I can borrow digitally on my kobo from the library. Of course I checked out all the books I came across anyway. I actually was on the look out for ribbon, wool (always! even though I have a rather big stash already) and some old ornate picture frames. I saw none of the above, frowny face. I did get a couple of books for Maya (Aliens Love Underpants, how could I leave that behind?) and a Choose Your Own Adventure book for Abby. Remember those? Mike scored a flashlight which he actually bought for the rechargeable battery. It's the same battery as his other power tools use. Only $3. We also replaced our cooler for $3. Ours has been missing it's lid for about 3 years. How do you lose a cooler lid? I have no idea, but we did.

Uncle Dave & Auntie Mel were here for about 24 hours! That was awesome sauce as well. We had dinner with some family. Our dinner conversation featured nutrition, weight loss/exercise tracking apps, cycling, running, appropriate gear, and how we had to hurry to get in our tiny slices of dessert before 7 o'clock rolled around (my own personal, no eating after time) and nobody quoted from Smokey and the Bandit, not even once. I guess that means we're grown ups. Yikes.

I've had a palm plant for about two weeks now, it's still alive. I know, I'm shocked too.

There is a caramel brownie cake on my counter and yes, it is as delicious as it sounds.

I passed six people as a ran on the trail this am. Number of people I usually pass.... zero.

Maya has become a bottomless pit... I'm going to go bankrupt feeding that kid.

I have spandex running gear now. What the hell?

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Mommy Project said...

I'm glad you had such a great weekend and I am still so proud of you for all your running. I'm really looking forward to the glorious day when our lives go bavk to normal and I can get out there, too. And your plant is still alive?! You rock, my friend.