Thursday, May 31, 2012

best day ever #4569

Tonight was very exciting for The Abster! She got to go "off campus" for her riding lesson tonight. They spent the hour out trail riding instead of riding around the arena.


Star came back with a flower in his bridle, Abby came back with a very big smile on her face and a bunch of lovely pictures on Grandma's camera.


Maya wished she could have gone with them while Grandma Sandi and I used the unexpected free time to Sudoku (her, Sudoku just makes me angry. Stupid number puzzle.) and read (me, love love love my kobo, which I just found out comes loaded with a Sudoku app. I tried to solve one, but failed miserably)


That sneaky Star, who wants to pose for pictures when there is delicious grass just waiting to be eaten!!

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