Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I love love love volunteering. My volunteer workload, right now is at an all time high and it's easy to get burnt out. I'm not quite there, but my reserves are running low.

This past weekend I ran into a Mom I know from the school. I know her well enough to exchange pleasantries and small talk with. Last month I helped to organize one of our two major fundraisers for the school. She and her family had attended it and as we chatted she mentioned how much her family had enjoyed themselves and then she thanked me. This will sound cliche, but I'm not in it for the thanks. If you're asking, I feel, for myself, if I am able to give back, then I should. It's the right thing to do (that line was taken right out of Mike's President's message, but it's true either way). Even still, when you're feeling a bit run down, a bit over whelmed, a bit burnt out, a little appreciation goes a long long way. It was just the refueling I needed.

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Leah said...

It's easy to take for granted the behind the stuff scenes that goes into the events, and it's nice to hear someone saw your efforts and thanked you for it! It really does go a long way!