Sunday, June 24, 2012

dream team x2

Friday night I participated in my third Relay for Life, my second with this team, The Jersey Girls. My second year in a row as part of a Dream Team.


How does one become a Dream Team? Well as a team you have to raise over $3000 and sell 30 luminaries. Luminaries light the track we walk on all night. Each candle represents someone who has had cancer, they can be purchased in memory of those who have passed or in honour of those still fighting. The candles are lit at dusk, while all the other lights in the park are out and while a piper plays Amazing Grace. As you can imagine it's a very emotional ceremony.


What does being a Dream Team get us? Well that very cool sign in front of our tent, also butler service at the event, if we choose to use it, which we haven't either year and bragging rights. At last year's event the mother of a teenaged cancer survivor (also the event's biggest fundraiser) came over to shake my hand and to thank us for being a Dream Team. To this day, I cannot tell that story without tearing up, it was one of the most profound moments for me as a volunteer/fundraiser/person and I vowed right then and there that my team would forever be a Dream Team. We raised $3500 last year and this year I am happy to say we beat that record and raised $3700.80. Thanks everyone who supported us this year!

My awesome girls have already set next year's goal for $5000. Gosh I love them!


I have a lot I want to say about Relay for Life, so I'm going to break it up into a couple of posts. Give you a break from all the running posts for a bit ;P


Anonymous said...

great post! i love doing relay for life! so inspiring!

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