Saturday, June 09, 2012

garage sale finds - a jar

Well it was rainy and miserable this morning, so the garage sale scene was a bit of a bust. We stopped at a couple of local ones, but there was nothing really to be had. The kids were spending the day with Grandma Sandi, so faced with a rainy, kid free afternoon we decided to waste some time at the flea market.

We have two flea markets not far from our house. One's a bit of a junk heap, but turnover is relatively high and there are deals to be had if you don't mind poking around a bit. The one up the street is a bit more "upscale".... we're talking flea markets here so I'm using the term loosely. You might pay a bit more, but it's neat and clean and you don't have to poke too much.

Mike likes vintage glasses. A large percentage of our daily use glasses are old beer glasses and the such. He also breaks glasses a lot, which I'm starting to think he does on purpose so he can keep buying them. We recently found ourselves with a bare shelf in our kitchen that Mike thought we should fill up with vintage bottles. Don't ask me why, but I've really taken to this project.


Today at the flea market I scored this lovely old canning jar. Initially Mike was thinking vintage pop bottles only and we've collected a few of those already, 7up, Hires and a Pop Shoppe, but it's kind of growing into anything kitchen related and the flea market was a freakin' gold mine of vintage glass today.


Like this, it's a glass bottle of Joy dishwashing soap, still full of soap. Oh how I wanted it. Saving, is the theme these days, so I kept my money in my purse.


But then there were shelves full of these. Beer bottles, I realize, but the labels are just so pretty I was instantly charmed. Also did you have any idea there were so many different kinds of pop out there. I'm really kind of surprised to see how many different bottles are out there. We bought a Good Time Pop bottle (it was a steal at a $1) ever heard of it? We actually had an informative chat about vintage bottles with one of the vendors there today. I had no idea there were so many bottling plants operating locally back in the day.


And I may have squeed out loud when I found these. These were sweet, but then I found a bottle of tiger catsup that I had a hard time leaving behind, but I had spent my budget for the day. Besides I wouldn't want to amass an entire collection in one day, the search is half the fun.

Do you garage sale or flea market?

Yes I am making them both verbs, what of it?

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