Tuesday, June 05, 2012

tale as old as time

It's been a while since we had a girls night out with Grandma Linda. Traditionally we do Girls Day over March Break at Disney on Ice. Our plan was to do that again this year until we realized that Disney was replaying the exact same show they did a few years ago. So we skipped Disney on Ice this year, but never really organized anything else.

Then our completely adorable and uber talented choir director was playing Belle in a production of Beauty and the Beast. Seemed like the perfect Girls Day set up.


It may have been Girls Day, but the girls ditched us pretty quickly when they were offered front row seats with Belle's family. I do love to see their expressions when we're on an outing like this, but this was an offer to good to refuse. "Belle" started the show right in front of the girls, which they thought was the best thing ever. I found out later that as she started to sing the opening song my kids were whispering her name. Thankfully she thinks they are adorable.

As I mentioned, Belle is uber talented and she did an amazing job. She's a natural for sure. By the time we got to the curtain call, I was overwhelmed. I know, you're all shocked. Honestly, though I get in a situation like that and knowing Belle and her family..... well I know if she was my daughter I'd be busting with pride (and her family was, without a doubt) and the next thing you know I am drowning in empathy. That's how I roll.


After the show the girls waited patiently for their turn to give Belle a squeeze and tell her what a wonderful job she had done. It was a really great night, for all involved! And of course the girls have declared it the best day ever! Thanks Grandma Linda for another fantastic Girls Day!

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Anonymous said...

aw, how fun! your girls are adorable:) Beauty and the Beast is such a classic! thanks for sharing!