Friday, July 13, 2012

friday high five - touch a truck

Well it's Friday night and we're just back from the fairgrounds where we were setting up for Touch a Truck. I'm feeling equal parts good and nervous about this. This is our third go round with this, so I'm not really sure why I'm nervous, but it's the nature of the event. You just don't 100% know what you're going to end up with that day until you get there. So here I sit, thinking I should get to bed, but pretty certain I won't be able to sleep and on my mind.....

1. Gosh my Touch a Truck committee is awesome sauce. I'm very happy to be working on this project with them.
2. I hope the trucks come. I really hope the trucks come.
3. I hope the people come. My gosh I really hope the people come.
4. I hope my sunblock doesn't fail me tomorrow.
5. I hope the trucks and the people come!

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