Wednesday, July 11, 2012


This afternoon we said our final goodbye to Bessie, Robin's dear sweet Nana. Robin and I have been friends for nearly twenty years and I couldn't tell you how many times I've had the pleasure of being in Nana's company at parties and special occasions. Heck, once we even teamed up with her to double cross Robin. It was pretty awesome. You see we had planned to have a shower for Robin, but we weren't sure how to get her to the party so we suggested that she have a surprise birthday party for Nana and we'd help her pull it off. So Robin told Nana that she was taking her to a strawberry social at our church and Nana, all wide eyed and innocent, said she'd love to go, so off they went. Are you following so far? So they get to the church and Robin and Nana walk in the door, Robin's yelling surprise! and Nana is saying, no the surprise is for you. So funny. Even better we had Robin there the night before decorating for "Nana's party" aka her very own shower.

She was a sweetheart of a lady and a true blessing to her family. Do you know she and her husband were married nearly 71 years? Is that incredible or what. I had the very distinct honour of making their 70th anniversary cake last year. How many times do you get to say that? Such an adorable couple. My heart broke for him today.

RIP Bessie I will miss your lovely smile.

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Kaci said...

So sorry :( Hugs!