Sunday, November 25, 2012

sunday randoms

I'm finding Christmas shopping difficult this year. I have no idea what to get the girls. Mom and I spent the day shopping and I managed to pick up a few items, but I still have no idea what the Santa gift will be.

Did you know that Bath and Body Works makes a French Baquette scented candle? Fresh bread! Sign me up for one of those!

I was really feeling my age today. The mall we went to is full of high buck trendy stores, I was way out of my league. So I guess I am officially uncool now. That's how that works, right?

I was so fascinated by the Dust Bowl documentary that Mike and I watched last week that I borrowed a book about it from the library.

I think I walked about a million miles today. We covered two malls, found very little at the second... boo! Now I'm beat, so off to bed I go.

How was your weekend?


Merry said...

I can't believe you aren't already done with your shopping! I have barely started. It is so hard to buy for the kids and the older they get the worse it is. Fingers crossed that you find something perfect for both Abby & Mya soon!

Mis(s)Mannered Mom said...

I'm finding it difficult this year as well! My kids don't "need" anything and don't want much either. I guess that's a good thing all around-but it doesn't make shopping any easier! Ugh!