Friday, January 11, 2013

friday high five - movies mike hasn't seen

Not only  is it my year of 40, it's Mike's year as well. We grew up at the same time, in the same area so you would think that our childhood experiences would be similar and they are in many ways, but.......

Movies from our childhood that Mike has never seen.... oh, this is embarrassing......

1. The Goonies (Please, contain your shock until the end)
2. Dirty Dancing (And yet he still often tells me that nobody puts baby in a corner)
3. Ferris Bueller's Day Off (What?!)
4. Sixteen Candles (Which I can kinda let go beause it has a girly premise and he's all about car chases, but it's John Hughes, so there's no excuse)
5. The Breakfast Club used to reside here, but he's finally seen it. I'm not sure that he's seen all of The Princess Bride which is a crying shame because it's all kinds of awesome.

So there you have it... I know, I know he's a disgrace to his generation. I'm thinking part of the year of AWESOME will be taking care of this list.

How many of these have you seen?


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I have only seen Ferris Bueler's Day off. :/ I must be a disgrace as well! I think that is a wonderful idea to add some awesome to your year. I might have to watch a few of those myself!
I've seen them all...and all are worth seeing! The Goonies in particular is on our Family Movie List to watch when the kids are a little older. We made the mistake of trying to get them to watch The Princess Bride last year, and they all declared it to be B-O-R-I-N-G, and that just broke our hearts!

I used to see everything, just everything, and now that this year's Oscar noms are out, I see I haven't seen ANYTHING that's nominated for anything, except Brave and Wreck-it Ralph. GAH. Times change!
Betsy - You haven't even seen The Princess Bride? Oh my! You must remedy that quickly!

Lynn - Our last trip to the library Abby borrowed The Princess Bride. I declare that a parenting win! Usually the only movies we see are the ones the kids like to see, but since becoming regular library goers we've fixed that. I maintain a fairly lengthy hold list of movies we want to see and every week something different comes in. It's been a nice treat.
I was all set to say "what's the big deal? I haven't seen them all either." But I totally have. Get on that, sister.
All of them. And I'm really not into movies all that much. So, yeah, he's behind. Good luck catching him up!!
All of them. Many many many many many times. I don't think the hubby has seen dirty dancing. Too much dancing. :/
Even my KIDS have seen The Goonies! Multiples times. More than multiple times. LOL I can happily say I've seen all those movies.