Friday, April 19, 2013

friday high five - apps

I've had my new cell phone for a bit over a month. After an endless debate with myself...... Android vs iPhone..... I ended up with an Android yet again, the Galaxy S2. My cellphone provider at the time was offering a great deal on either the iphone 4 or the S2 and on paper the S2 was just a better phone. It has a better camera and more storage space which were two of the biggest deciding factors. If the deal had been offered with the iPhone 4s or the 5 it probably would have been a different story, but here we are. At the risk of further disappointing my iPhone loving friends I am not in any way disappointed with my phone. I actually really love it and my favourite apps are....

1. SoundHound. So you're listening to the radio and a song comes on that you love, but you don't know who sings it. Turn on SoundHound let it listen (or you can sing or hum the song it says, but I haven't tried that yet) and it will tell you who's singing and also play the lyrics along karaoke style. Mike and I have both used this more than I would have thought we would because we're old and don't know what/who's cool anymore.

2. Easy Phone Sync. It makes my itunes library play nice with my Android. Now when I run I only have to take my phone, not my phone and my iPod.

3. Nike Run. Love this! It's a running app so it tracks my time, distance, pace, route, and calories burned, but..... and this is the awesome part...... when it posts that I'm starting a run on facebook if anyone likes or comments on that post it plays the sound of a crowd cheering while I'm out for a run. So picture it, I'm out on the trail thinking boy this run sucks ass when all of the sudden a cheer rises up from the crowd just for me. It's a great little motivator. I also like that I can challenge my friends on the app to see who's run the most km's in a month. It also plays nicely with my running playlist.

4. Candy Crush Saga. Yep, I got sucked into this one too. I'm only 27 levels in.

5. Instagram. Of course. My plan was to post a picture a day using instagram, which I haven't been a 100% with, but pretty darn close, so I'll call it a win already. I keep trying to convince Michael to instagram as well, but so far he's not biting.

What are your favourite phone apps?


Betsy said...

I might just have to download that nike running app for when I am back into it (3.5 weeks and counting until I have the okay from the physical therapist!) I really like the myfitnesspal app. For tracking my food. My facebook app (of course!) Slacker radio for some music and then I have been loving the Cut the rope game. Sadly addicting and I won't lie that my oldest is better at it then I am. lol

Goofball said...

mainly the social media apps: Twitter, FB, Skype, Linkedin, Foursquare

Also railroad & traffic info apps
Radio station apps to stream radio (handy when I'm working in abroad office)

I walk/run with runkeeper

I play Songpop