Friday, May 24, 2013

friday high five - guest spot

I have no real desire for fame and fortune, but if I did I think I'd like to use my fame to get myself guest spots on the following shows....

1. Downton Abbey. I'd just like to hang out with the Dowager Countess. She is a hoot as long as her barbed tongue isn't pointed in my direction.
2. Modern Family. Gosh I love that entire cast!
3. Greys! Paging Dr. Shepard.
4. Nashville. Maybe I could be Rayna's personal assistant.
5. Parks and Rec! I want to hang with Ron Swanson and get waffles with Leslie.

Shout outs to Arrested Development and Big Bang Theory!!

What show would you like to guest star on?


Julie said...

Grey's for sure. And yes to modern family. Oh and Downton too. Add battlestar galactica, dr who (with dr 10).

Lynn said...

Me too, for Grey's. Although I'm sure I'd totally embarrass myself with my complete inability to talk in front of Dr. Hunt. SWOON.

I'd also love to be on The Good Wife. That show is just so darn fabulous I'd get chills just from being in the same vicinity as the creators.