Monday, May 13, 2013

instagram monday - happy

I don't expect a heck of  lot when it comes to things like Mother's Day. I'm not offended in any way if there's no fanfare or cards. I'm a pretty easy going chick like that. Plus I like to think I'm a pretty kick ass mom every day and that my girls appreciate it. I know I appreciate our Moms every day. So I was really touched when I woke up to this Sunday morning......


Mike and Abby were at it again. This time it was mostly Mike. Abby helped as much as she could with only one fully functional hand. I have to say Mike really knocked this one out of the park.... his poached eggs were perfectly cooked and everything else was top drawer. It was just the perfect start to an otherwise pretty ordinary day.


Betsy said...

That is so sweet! Even made a smiley face =)

Goofball said...

that is a great smile to start the day