Monday, June 03, 2013

instagram monday - little helper

MI Day, it's a day at our school organized and funded by our parent's council. The kids move from activity to activity and enjoy a day full of fun and new learning experiences. This year they spent time with the reptile man learning about snakes and spiders (ick!) and Mad Science was there to teach them how to make slime.  We always round out the day with a musical performance for the kids, but of course the highlight is always the tie dye t-shirts. This year Abby stayed around to help us hang the wet shirts on the fence to dry while her class moved on to zumba and jump rope. Her teacher and I thought it would likely be better use of her time rather than her sitting there watching everyone else having fun. I have said several times that the restrictions would be a lot easier to swallow if she was still wearing her cast then she really for sure couldn't do all those fun things she wants to. Only eleven more days until she's clear to run and jump again.

My little tie dye helper.

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Betsy said...

Looks like she still had fun though!