Thursday, September 05, 2013

we love the library

I came home this afternoon to a message on the phone from our local library. My first thought was.... crap one of the kids must have something horrendously overdue, but no. Turns out The Abster had won the summer lego contest and would she mind stop by the front desk and picking up her prize. Well of course she would!!

Our library is only open until 5pm on Thursdays and normally the kids get off the bus at 4:10, except this is the first week of school and we have a new bus company/driver, so it was more like 4:20 when they finally strolled up the driveway. Hurry up, hop in the car we have to go to the library! Only to be met with a chorus of groans... but Mom, we're hungreeeeeee. Can't we get a snack first? My plan was to say nothing about the phone call, but desperate times call for desperate measures. So I told them we had to go because the library had called saying they needed to see Abby as soon as possible! It took about 47 seconds for her to work out that she may have possibly won one of the summer contests.


Over the summer the library had a lego scene set up and quiz based on what was depicted in the scene. Abby answered the questions with no help from me and handed in her paper back in the beginning of August. Excuse me, the librarian called us back, you've missed the first question. Did you realize that? I mean if you didn't know the answer that's okay, but I just wanted to make sure you didn't accidentally forget to fill it out. Abby had in fact missed the first question, so she took her paper back to the lego scene and completed the quiz, including the bonus question... the only part I ended up helping with. She's never seen any of the star wars movies so how was she supposed to know that was an x-wing fighter? Looking back, I'm thankful she pointed Abby's oversight out.

Abby was suddenly very nonchalant when we got to the library. Apparently checking out the dvds was the most important part of the trip, no need to introduce herself at the front desk. Mike coaxed her back and the librarian was only too happy to hand over Abby's winnings!

We love the library, but even more now that @theabster02 won this summer's Lego contest. A bag full of goodies. Thanks @HamiltonLibrary

Inside her super cool messenger bag was a couple of packs of lined paper, an HPL pen and pencil, six bookmarks, headphones, a Brave (the Disney movie) journal a shirt, a notebook, some thanksgiving paper puppets and a Legend of the Guardians chapter book. Not a bad little haul for one happy little girl!

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