Friday, March 21, 2014

world down syndrome day

Ricky didn't need much to make things right in his world.

He had General Hospital. He was a pretty serious Luke and Laura fan.

In addition, of course he had his Soap Opera, Star, and National Enquirer magazines. He couldn't read, but he'd pour over the pictures for hours.

There were the jigsaw puzzles. All neatly taped together at the back when he was finished so he could keep them.

He had his cowboy hats and boots. If the family had ever decided to pack up and move to a dude ranch he would have been in absolute heaven.

 There was grass to cut and wood to stack. He and my Grandpa actually took really good care of each other after my Grandma passed away.

He had all of us. Family was the tops. The absolute best thing ever. He was always up for a visit or even better an adventure. Or the absolute most best thing ever..... an adventure without his Dad hanging around.

Ricky loved two dollar bills and he loved going for coffee. Hey Son! He'd call to my Grandpa flashing his cash... not that he ever paid for coffee, mind you, but still. So every day he and Grandpa would head out for coffee and a stop by the grocery store to flirt with every cashier they came across.

I spent a lot of time today wondering how I could best commemorate World Down Syndrome Day and Ricky. You see here's the thing about Ricky..... living with Down Syndrome was one small piece of him... the most important part is that this family saw him grow into the very best version of himself. He is very much loved and dearly missed by all of us. So this is what I did...

Since two dollar bills went the way of the dinosaur I bought a handful of $2 TimCards and left them at our local Tims. I hope these cards bring a little of Ricky's sunshine to whoever finds them.


Kaci said...

Beautiful post!

Lynn said...

Just such a lovely idea, Shan - a great way to honour Ricky.

Julie said...

just plain awesome.