Sunday, May 11, 2014

sunday randoms

Today was like any other Sunday, really. Mike had to work. The ice cream truck stopped by.... ice cream cones all around! I sent some emails. The girls played with some lego. I got a sunburn. Pretty typical. We'd finished dinner, Mrs. Doubtfire was on TV, lego still scattered all over my living room when....

Mike to Me: Did you have a nice Mother's Day?
Maya: Well, I did!

That kid is just too much. For real life.

We managed to get through this week's riding lesson with everyone staying on their horse. Abby did admit to being nervous this time around, but she was right as rain by the end. In other news she thinks she'd like to show this year. That will be a whole new world.

I make a pretty decent mac and cheese, but just for kicks I thought I'd give this jalapeno popper mac and cheese a try. Oh my gosh it was so yummy! Another pinterest win!

Speaking of pinterest, Mike is on there now. You should follow him if you like tractors and toys from his childhood.

And how was your weekend?


Betsy said...

Well glad the little Miss had a good mother's day lol

Lynn said...

It's funny how it's actually important to me that *everyone* has a happy mother's day, not just me. Kind of defeats the purpose, no?

We actually did have a good day - pancake brunch and a visit to The Mint (which was surprisingly fun). Good to hear you had a nice day, too!