Friday, June 13, 2014

mmm mmm good?

This story is based on actual real life events.

I bought a new purse recently. It's a rather large tote style that all the fashionistas seem to be carrying and it's a beautiful buttery yellow. I bought it online at Zulily, which if you haven't heard is my new favouritest website. I actually just bought Maya a Christmas present from there last week. Yes a Christmas present. I hope we can still be friends.

Anyway the purse arrived and then I thought, hmmmm that is way larger than I was envisioning. And wow that is pretty yellow. Like yellow yellow. I kept asking Abby if I could get away with carrying such a bag and she assured me I could, but she's twelve so what does she know. So the purse sat in the closet while I dithered about it.


Last week there was a coffee date with Auntie KK, also known as Anastasia Beaverhausen at our local Starbucks. If I wasn't capable of keeping secrets this would be the point where I tell you that Auntie KK has to order for Michael at Starbys because the thought of ordering a coffee there scares the pants off of him, but I'm an excellent secret keeper, so..... oh wait......

Anyway, we're in line and Auntie KK is telling Mike exactly what to say to the barista, so he'll be able to exchange money for a frappacino when the lady behind Auntie KK says and I swear to God this is true...

Excuse me, but where did you get that delicious bag?

And so begins a conversation about where Auntie KK purchased her purse... it is a fossil bag she purchased as a Christmas present to herself and she lurves it, by the by.

Over coffee I tell Auntie KK about my recent purse purchase at which point she stops me to say only old ladies still call them purses, what I bought was a new bag. So I tell her all about my new bag and my fear about actually using it because clearly if the last five minutes in line at the local starbucks have taught me anything it is that she is an expert on bags. I texted her the above picture after our coffee date and her text back was OMG I love it!!!! So I switched my stuff over and started carrying it right away. It's been almost a week and I've received five compliments on it, nobody has told me it is delicious yet, but I'm remaining hopeful for that Holy Grail of bag compliments.


Lynn said...

It IS delicious! I carry around a nylon backpack. I think I need something new.

Betsy said...

It certainly is beautiful!! I love it too =)

Bibliomama said...

That fabulous pop of colour - it would brighten up crummy days and compliment happy ones.